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At the undergraduate level, the Social Studies Education Program provides a broad-based preparation for social studies teachers in Washington State.

Why Social Studies Education at Eastern?

Be part of an interdisciplinary major connecting students to the fields of
History, Geography, Political Science, Economics, Anthropology, and more.

Innovative Teacher Preparation

The EWU Social Studies BAE provides new and innovative forms of preparation for teaching Social Studies courses in grades 5-12.

Work Toward an Endorsement

EWU is the largest supplier of Social Studies teachers in eastern Washington.

Excellent Instructors

Work with a faculty of historians who are dynamic teachers, accomplished scholars, and devoted mentors.

What Will I Be Able to Do?

  • Understand chronology and cause-and-effect relationships in U.S., world and Washington State history;
  • Understand the core principles of U.S. democracy and understand the rights and responsibilities of citizenship;
  • Understand major developments, eras and turning points in U.S., world and Washington State history;
  • Explain the spatial arrangements of people, places, and environments using maps, charts, and other tools;
  • Use sources of information such as historical documents and artifacts to investigate and understand historic occurrences;
  • Understand monetary systems, consequences of economic choices and influence of government policies upon the economy.
Interested in pursuing an in-depth study of social studies education? Consult with the Social Studies Program director to develop an individual program of study and field experience.

Opportunities with a Social Studies Education Endorsement from EWU

The Social Studies curriculum prepares students for a variety of occupational possibilities:

Teach a Variety of Courses

You'll be certified to teach a variety of courses such as U.S. History, World History, Washington State History, Current World Problems, Geography, and Civics.

Work Beyond the Classroom

You'll be qualified to work beyond the classroom in fields related to business, government, law, archives, curation, and social work.

National History Day Judge

Get hands-on judging experience with National History Day and OSPI supported inquiry-based learning.

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