Mission Statement & Student Learning Objectives

Mission Statement

The MPA program prepares its graduates to be reflective practitioners of public service by providing high-quality, professionally relevant, and theoretically grounded graduate education in public service administration.

To support the achievement of this mission, the MPA program seeks students who will:

  • Actively engage in professional development
  • Endeavor to deepen critical thinking skills
  • Seize opportunities to enhance communication skills

MPA faculty members are:

  • Accessible to their students
  • Respectful of others
  • Welcoming of diverse backgrounds and perspectives
  • Actively engaged in research and public service

The MPA program:

  • Meets the needs of all students, including non-traditional and international students
  • Accommodates the schedules of working professionals
  • Promotes leadership through service to others

Student Learning Objectives

Students who successfully earn an MPA from EWU should be able to do the following:​

  • analyze, synthesize, think critically, solve problems and make decisions;
  • articulate and apply a philosophy of public service administration practice;
  • communicate effectively and interact productively with a diverse and changing workforce and citizenry;
  • demonstrate an ability to develop professionally through reflective analysis of employment and educational experiences;
  • lead and manage in public governance;
  • participate in and contribute to the public policy process.