About Us

Sociologists ask questions about the world and use both theory and evidence to find answers. We study a wide range of subject matter including civil rights, family and marriage, race, gender, poverty and inequality, children and youth, aging, education, religion, crime and deviance, terrorism, sports, environment and technology, social movements and revolutions, immigration, Black Studies and Latina/o/x Studies.

Sociology BA Sociology Minor

Why Study Sociology at Eastern?

Students who receive a degree in sociology have a wide variety of opportunities after graduation.

Affordable Academic Excellence

Take advantage of the lowest tuition rates in the area and receive a quality education with excellent staff and faculty support.

Diverse Courses

As part of a sociology degree, you'll have the chance to take classes that cover a wide variety of interesting topics.

Excellent Job Opportunities

Our graduates have a great record of finding employment soon after graduation.

Our Mission

Our mission is to foster in all undergraduate students the capacity for critical inquiry and understanding of social justice through an integrated liberal arts program in sociology. We strive to provide a rigorous theoretical and research-oriented education to prepare our students for contributions to their communities and careers.

Sociology challenges our everyday, take-for-granted view of the social world. It offers powerful insights as to how broad social forces shape our own personal experiences and outcomes in our own lives.

Career Preparation

Because sociology is such a diverse discipline, it can help prepare you for a broad spectrum of careers. Your knowledge in sociology can be applied in both public and private sectors in areas such as social services, non-profit organizations, community advocacy, business administration, public relations, marketing, education, criminal justice, and more.

Careers in Sociology

The Sociology curriculum prepares students for a wide variety of occupational possibilities:

Social Worker

Guidance Counselor

Human Resources Representative

Public Relations Specialist

Media Planner