Activist in Residence 2021

Activist in Residence

The Gender, Women’s & Sexuality Studies Program and the Women’s and Gender Education Center are the lead organizers of the Activist In Residence (AIR) program on the EWU campus.

For an eighth year, AIR will bring an activist to campus to work with EWU students, staff, faculty, and community members during winter quarter of 2021.

Meet the 2021 Activist In Residence

Jac Archer

Jac Archer (they/them/theirs) is an activist in the Inland Northwest. Jac moved to the Spokane area in 2013 where they work as an activist, community organizer, and educator in the fields of diversity, equity, civic engagement, and sexuality. Jac has delivered lectures and training workshops throughout the community, including Whitworth University, and has previously served on panels at Eastern Washington University and Gonzaga. 

While earning their bachelor’s degree from Eastern Washington University, Jac served on the Multicultural Coalition from 2015-2017, where they represented the Black Student Union and Scary Feminist Club. Jac currently serves on the Spokane Community Against Racism (SCAR) Steering Committee, the Peace and Justice Action League (PJALS) board, Spokane Human Rights Commission (SHRC), and the Washington State LGBTQ Commission. 

Jac has a passion for organizing, institutional policy, and making difficult concepts easily accessible. They also enjoy writing, singing, performance, and podcasts.

All workshops and panels are on Wednesdays from 3:30 -5 p.m. PST

Free and Open to the Public

Virtual Attendance via Zoom

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One registration will cover all Activist in Residence events you attend virtually. Those who attend four or more workshops/panels will receive an Activist in Residence certificate.

All workshops are highly participatory and interactive, with an emphasis on active practice and story sharing.

Jan. 20

The Activism Ecosystem: Defining the Terrain of the Fight

What is activism? What makes an activist, and who is doing activism in Spokane? Learn about Spokane’s activist ecosystem, and hear from local Black leaders doing key work in the electoral sphere.

Jan. 27

Noticing Work: Finding Your Place in the Activist Ecosystem

Learn tools to discover what activist work is already being done in your community, and how to find your place in it. Add skills to your activist toolbox that will improve your approach to community work, no matter your job or professional focus.

Feb. 3

Black Activism: Our Local Ecosystem

Activism isn’t just signing petitions or holding signs in the street, but includes a broad variety of tactics and experiences for every type of movement-maker. Hear from local Black leaders who each take a slightly different approach to making change in Spokane.

Feb. 10

Planning the Fight: The Basics of an Activist Campaign

Check out the big picture and discover how petitions and protest actions in the street relate to long term change in communities and government. Explore the basics of campaign planning, what it is, and how to do it.

Feb. 17

Zooming In: Exploring Activist Campaigns in Spokane

Learn about activist campaigns in Spokane, and hear from members of the Spokane Community Against Racism (SCAR) steering committee as they discuss the tactics they’ve used individually and as a group to affect local policy.

Feb. 24

Campaign Tactics: How to Plan an Action

Every campaign is made up of actions. Discover the strategy, planning, and detail behind the most visible part of activism, and learn how to plan an action for yourself.

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