Black Lives and Movements Matter: Black History Month Graphic Design Contest Winners

An Innovative Collaboration

Gender, Women’s & Sexuality Studies (GWSS) and the Women’s and Gender Education (WAGE) Center were pleased to collaborate with Visual Communication Design faculty Sonja Durr, MFA to host the Black Lives and Movements Matter: Black History Month graphic design contest in her Visual Communication Design 3 – Design for Social Change students. The amazing results were featured on our social media throughout February and the four winning posters will be displayed in the WAGE Center. First, second, and third prizes were awarded.

Submitted content reflected the values and principles of Black activist movements and highlighted inclusiveness and the celebration of Black life. Social media images and posters featured issues related to various diverse Black communities and movements. Students were able to choose historical or contemporary issues and/or leaders. Unique submissions that considered the intersectionality of identities and oppressions were encouraged.

First Place

Mary Hoerner’s Claudette Colvin social media images:


Mary Hoerner’s Claudette Colvin poster:

Second Place

Sela Tran’s George Floyd, Alberta Odell Jones, and Emmett Till social media images:


Sela Tran’s Trayvon Martin poster:

Third Place (Tie)

Cameron Todd’s W.E.B. DuBois social media images:


Cameron Todd’s W.E.B. DuBois poster:

Savannah Johnson’s Black Voices Matter social media images:


Savannah Johnson’s Black Voices Matter poster:

Congratulations to all of the winners and thanks to every student who submitted their work! Winning students will receive gift cards to local vendors.