Senior Highlight: Kendall Beller

Criminal Justice Major

June 28, 2023
Closeup of an Eastern banner hanging from a lamp post

In celebration of our college graduates, we reached out to our seniors for a little highlight and feedback from their time at Eastern. Congratulations on getting your degree! And welcome to the Eagle Alumni Family! Go Eags!  



What is your major and minor/certificate and what made you choose that major/minor?

I will be receiving my Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice with a minor in Psychology. I chose this major and minor because I had previously completed my AA in criminal justice at a community college and thought that this would be a good major to have since I want to pursue law school in the future. As for the psychology minor, I have found that they go together well, with both being mentioned multiple times throughout both classes. 

What is one of your favorite memories so far in your program/at Eastern? 

The day that it was confirmed that I had finished the program and would be graduating with my best friend. I had officially completed my bachelor’s degree online.  

What’s one class that wasn’t in your major that you’d recommend? 

One class that was not in my major that I would recommend to other criminal justice students would be Abnormal Psychology. I liked the format of the class and it was interesting to learn about other disorders. 

What is your plan after graduation? 

I will find a job in my hometown with the court system before ultimately completing law school to become a lawyer. 

What was the hardest assignment you’ve had to do and how did you get through it? 

The hardest assignment I have had to complete was a book report tying in things I learned in the class. The book was called “The Lakota Society” and the instructions were not completely clear to me. I just did my best by focusing on specific chapters rather than the book as a whole.