Senior Highlight: Whitney Longie

Sociology Major

June 28, 2023
Snow covered campus

In celebration of our college graduates, we reached out to our seniors for a little highlight and feedback from their time at Eastern. Congratulations on getting your degree! And welcome to the Eagle Alumni Family! Go Eags!


Whitney L

What is your major and minor/certificate and what made you choose that major/minor?

I majored in Sociology with a minor in Queer and Sexuality Studies. I chose Sociology because of my curiosity for understanding people and social patterns. I took gender studies classes along the way and found that they supplemented my study of sociology well, so I made it my minor! 

What is one of your favorite memories so far in your program/at Eastern?

It’s hard to pick just one memory since I’ve truly enjoyed all of my classes, but I would say celebrating with snacks at the end of my Race and Ethnic Relations class. We all learned so much in that course and by the end we were all pretty much friends, and Dr. Lam is an extraordinary professor. 

What’s one class that wasn’t in your major that you’d recommend?

PHIL420 – Queer Theory! Such a stimulating class with very in-depth conversations that challenge your perspectives. 

What is your plan after graduation?

Immediately after graduation, I plan to celebrate myself and rest! After that, I plan to look for work within the nonprofit sector while obtaining training in Data Analytics.

What was the hardest assignment you’ve had to do and how did you get through it?

One of my hardest assignments was probably my 26-page paper on 2nd generation immigrants for my Global Migrations course. Dr. Kebede pushed us the perfect amount, and I left that class with so much more knowledge than I ever could have hoped. It is always very rewarding when hard work pays off!