Sheila Woodward Reelected Executive Vice President of the IMC

Sheila Woodward

The College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences would like to congratulate Sheila Woodward in being reelected Executive Vice President of the International Music Council Executive Board.

The International Music Council (IMC) was founded by UNESCO in 1949 and is the world’s biggest network of music organizations and institutions and represents music organizations across the world with 600 million members. It advocates access to music for all and works towards the advancement of five music rights: 

5 Music Rights The right for all children and adults 1. To express themselves musically in all freedom 2. To learn musical languages and skills 3. To have access to musical involvement through participation, listening, creation, and information. The right for all musical artists 4. To develop their artistry and communication through all media, with proper facilities at their disposal 5. To obtain just recognition and fair remuneration for their work

This past academic year, Dr. Woodward shared several of her international contacts with students across disciplines at EWU. In a speaker series funded through an Eagle Grant award, this included a collaboration with Gender, Women’s & Sexuality Studies in connecting students with Dr. Ahmad Sarmast, Director of the Afghanistan National Institute for Music. He discussed the rebuilding of educational opportunities for all in Afghanistan, including girls who had been previously denied education under Taliban rule. Since then, she has continued to share with students how the support of the international music community has led to the recent successful airlifting of students and teachers through Doha to Lisbon where they are now continuing their education.

Collaborating in two events with the Education Department, Dr. Woodward connected students with Dr. Marina Gall from the UK, addressing accommodations and technological innovations for students with different ability varieties, and with Dr. Brent Talbot of the USA, exploring diversity and equity issues in education. Dr. Woodward collaborated with Criminal Justice in connecting students with Dr. Mary Cohen of the USA regarding her prison choir program, as well as with Mr. Kenneth Bailey who had participated in her program while formerly incarcerated.

We look forward to the continued work that Sheila will do with the IMC and the message and resources she will bring to her students. 

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