Chemistry & Biochemistry Faculty & Staff

Meet Our Faculty & Staff

Eric Abbey, PhD

Associate Professor
On Professional Leave Fall 2021
Photo of Eric Abbey, PhD
Science Building 206A

Rene Buell, PhD

Science Building 193A

Nicholas Burgis, PhD

Department Chair and Professor
Photo of Nicholas Burgis, PhD
Interdisciplinary Science Center (ISC) 201

Yao Houndonougbo, PhD

Photo of Yao Houndonougbo, PhD
Science Building 230

Janelle Jenkins, PhD

Senior Lecturer
Photo of Janelle Jenkins, PhD
Science Building 224 (also temporarily in 173A)

Hyojeong Kim, PhD

Science Building 144C

Ashley Lamm, PhD

Assistant Professor
Photo of Ashley Lamm, PhD
Science Building 204A

Daniel Love, PhD

Senior Lecturer
Photo of Daniel Love, PhD
Science Building 214

Jamie Manson, PhD

Photo of Jamie Manson, PhD
Science Building 202A

Anthony Masiello, PhD

Photo of Anthony Masiello, PhD
Science Building 154A

Amber McConnell, PhD

Senior Lecturer
Photo of Amber McConnell, PhD
Science Building 234A

Robin McRae, PhD

Photo of Robin McRae, PhD
Science Building 222

Jeffrey Rahn, PhD

Science Building 218

Kenneth Raymond, PhD

Photo of Kenneth Raymond, PhD
Science Building 220

Wes Steiner, PhD

Photo of Wes Steiner, PhD
Science Building 216

Margaret Cox

Secretary Supervisor
Photo of Margaret Cox
Science Building 154

Fred Joslin, PhD

Lab Manager/Science Instructional Technician
Photo of Fred Joslin, PhD
Science Building 209

Derek Trial, MS

Science Instructional Technician
Science Building 297

Jonathan Geruntho, PhD

Quarterly Faculty - Biochemistry

Ms. N'vida Houndonougbo

Quarterly Faculty - Chemistry

Jason Stenzel, PhD

Quarterly Faculty - Forensic Science

Christopher Reifsteck

Quarterly Faculty - Forensic Science