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Science Olympiad Team Announcements

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Team coaches, please check this page regularly for updates and other announcements.


TEAM ANNOUNCEMENTS - SFCC. Check back regularly for updates.
Date Announcement
2/12/16 Students competing in closed events may not return to the event room if they need to leave after the event begins (such as leaving to go to the restroom).
2/12/16 Science Olympiad team participants may NOT bring cell phones or other communication devices into closed event locations. Event supervisors will be asked to collect phones brought into closed events.
2/12/2016 Pre-Sign-Up for all sign-up events will take place in the week preceding the tournament. Watch for e-mail and on web site announcements page. Be prepared to submit requests within a few days of receiving the e-mail. ONLY coaches/assistant coaches should handle pre-sign-up. If coach misses online sign-up, sign-up sheets will be available at Tournament Headquarters (SUB) prior to the start of the tournament on March 12th.
2/12/2016 Mission Possible - B Division. Transfer Sequence Lists need to be turned in prior to the start of the tournament. Instructions will be provided to coaches regarding when/where to submit.
2/12/2016 Mission Possible - B Division. Be sure Transfer Sequence Lists have team name AND team number clearly identified.
2/12/2016 What to bring to registration. Reminder that coaches need to bring the following to team check-in on Saturday, 7:30-9AM in the SUB: (1) Signed Roster/Ethics Form and (2) Photography Release. Both forms are available online. On the Roster-Ethics Form, please be sure printed students' names are legible and that all students have signed.

ALSO BRING enough copies of the final schedule (to be posted by 3/11/16) and campus map for all team members and coaches. Copies will NOT be includes team packets.
2/12/2016 # Teams advancing to state tournament: 5 B and 3 C teams will advance from SFCC to the state tournament at EWU on 4/16/2016.
2/12/2016 There will not be an Opening Cermony ... will be rolled into the Closing Ceremony.
2/12/2016 For Device Impound. Impound for sign-up events starting at 9AM will be 8:30-9:00 at the event locations (TBA by Friday, 3/11). Impound for sign-up events starting at 11AM will be 10:30-11:00 at the event locations (TBA).
2/12/2016 Availability of Food. While the cafeteria will not be open, there may be a concession stand selling hot dogs, nachos, pizza, pretzels, pop, and water. Otherwise, students and coaches should plan to bring lunches/snacks/coffee or travel off campus - nearest restaurants are about 5-10 drive.
2/12/2016 Build Event Pre-Sign-Up. Instructions will be provided ASAP. Note that for Block-scheduled events, all teams from the same school must sign up in the same block hour.
2/29/2016 Schedule & Team Rooms. SFCC schedule showing event locations is posted to web site - on most all web pages for SFCC tournament. Reminder that you need to copy enough schedules for all students.

Team rooms list has been updated to include team rooms.
2/23/2016 Check-In Packet. The web pages for the check-in packet have not yet been updated. An announcement will be posted once pages are up-to-date.
2/23/2016 Ceiling Heights for Wright Stuff & Elastic Launched Glider. ... will be posted ASAP.
2/29/2016 Schedule Revision. Additional times added for Bottle Rocket and Mission Possible (both B Division).
2/29/2016 Build Event Sign-Up.Coaches have been sent an email outlining the build event sign-up process. Coaches only (or identified designee) need to reply to Sue Murphy with requested sign-up times by noon Monday, March 7. If coach did not receive email by noon today (2/29), contact Sue.
2/29/2016 Wright Stuff - C Division. Gym ceiling height = 50 feet.
2/29/2016 Elastic Launched Glider - B Division. Auxiliary Gym ceiling height =40 feet.
2/29/2016 Concession stand will be open in the Gym foyer from 11AM-4PM.
2/29/2016 Mission Possible - B Division. Transfer Sequence Lists must be sent to Sue Murphy no later than noon on Friday, March 11. They can be e-mailed or faxed (509) 359-7450. Be sure team name and numbers are on all pages.
2/29/2016 Game On - C Division. Computers that will be used are Dell computers with 3.2 GHz Intel processors, 8GB of RAM, and they run Windows 7.
3/1/2016 Team Room Revision. Change of team rooms for Colton MS and Lakeside HS - see posted team room list for new rooms.
3/1/2016 Rules Clarifications (& FAQs). Reminder to check the national web site for event rules clarifications (these are actual updates to the printed rules) and FAQs (general info to assist event supervisors and coaches in the event ... you can also post a question for clarification).
3/1/2016 Check-In Packet. The team check-in packet web pages have been updated. At this point, all SFCC tournament pages should be up-to-date. Let Sue Murphy know if you find broken/inaccurate links.
3/8/2016 Preliminary Sign-Up Schedule. Here are results of preliminary team sign-up. Please check that the schedule reflects your choices ... if not, please contact Sue Murphy. If you need to change (or add) time/s, please contact Sue Murphy by 7AM Thursday, March 10. Otherwise, to add or change times, you will need to see event supervisor on March 12.
3/8/2016 Bottle Rocket - B Division. The Bottle Rocket launcher that will be used at SFCC Regional tournament will be the sliding collar type. This has proved at previous regional tournament to not seal some bottles (especially generic brand bottles). Subsequently, to have the best opportunity to do well with this launcher, only name-brand bottles should be used.
3/9/2016 Revised Preliminary Sign-Up Schedule. Here are results of preliminary team sign-up. Please check that the schedule reflects your choices ... if not, please contact Sue Murphy. If you need to change (or add) time/s, please contact Sue Murphy by 7AM Thursday, March 10. Otherwise, to add or change times, you will need to see event supervisor on March 12.
3/9/2016 Coach Ribbons. Unless you wish to keep the coach ribbon you will get at the regional tournament, please recycle. There will be a receptacle at the closing ceremony that you can put your ribbon in before or after the ceremony. Recycling cuts down on costs and keeps your registration fee lower.
3/10/2016 Mission Possible - B Division. Reminder to send Sue Murphy TSLs by noon Friday. Can also be faxed to 509-359-7450.
3/10/2016 Build Event Sign-Up Schedule. To add or change times, you will need to see the event supervisor on Saturday (although you might be able to make changes at team check-in ... ask!).
3/10/2016 Final Build Event Sign-Up Schedule. There were web site issues earlier and the final schedule was not posted ... should be available by 1:30PM today (Thursday). Please review and let Sue Murphy know if any issues/changes. Otherwise, may be able to add/change slots at team check-in Saturday; otherwise, need to see event supervisor Saturday. 
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