April 2022 News & Kudos

April 13, 2022


  • Brian Riley (an Organic Chemistry Eagle 2020) has been accepted to and will be attending UW-Seattle medical school.

Presentations on campus

  • Seminar from EWU chemistry alums Justin and Andrea Hall: “Assembly of the motor protein complex dynein. Science education after EWU“.

      • Spacetime coordinates: April 28th at 3 PM at ISC 009.

They will be taking students out to lunch from 12-1:30, so if you have any students that are interested, please let Eric Abbey know.

Outreach to the community

  • Different faculty from CHBP (Eric Abbey, Jason Stoke, and Andrés Aragoneses) and Biology (Javier Ochoa) will be giving a joint presentation, “May Science be with you: The science of Star Wars” .
      • Spacetime coordinates: NorthStar Taps in Cheney. Friday 22nd of April at 7 PM.
  • Andrés Aragoneses is giving a presentation about “The Science in the Art of Salvador Dalí”.
      • Spacetime coordinates: Hargreaves 219. Tuesday 26th at 2 PM.