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Meet Cass Hennings

EWU Geology alum, Cass Hennings, works as a ranger in the Canyon District at Yellowstone National Park. As an interpreter, Cass educates visitors, gives talks, and guided hikes. For more information about Cass, read her interview with Red Around the World. [Read more]

2020 Symposium with Geology

Please join us in the¬†virtual celebration of student research and creative work in our 2020 Virtual Symposium! Experiments to Synthesize Soft-Sedimentary Deformation and Clastic Dikes Author:¬†Chelsi K. Howard Chemical Weathering of Deposits from the 1980 Mount St. Helens Eruption and its Effect on Stream… [Read more]

Hear From Our Geology Students

This wonderful video features some of our hard-working and dedicated students sharing their stories, encouraging words, and reasons why they chose to major in Geology at Eastern Washington University. https://youtu.be/hEjhQmhfbZQ [Read more]

Jaime Sparr

Name: Jaime Sparr Graduation Year: 2012 Job Title: Senior Product Designer Organization: Change.org Describe your design journey. I was lucky enough to be connected with a great design internship and contract role during my senior year at EWU, thanks to Mindy. After graduating, I… [Read more]
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Dakota Berg

Name: Dakota Berg Graduation Year: 2016 Job Title: Lead Designer Organization: SportsCastr Describe your design journey. My design journey started in middle school when I met a local graphic designer and first found Photoshop. I spent a few years learning and exploring, and eventually… [Read more]
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Melissa Diaz

Design alumna Melissa Diaz sits down with CareerExplore NW to describe what she does as an art director. Diaz describes some of the crucial skills she learned at EWU. https://youtu.be/OqXsTh_gnkg [Read more]
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Dr. Jessica Allen featured on NPR’s Science Friday

November 6, 2019 by jpfeiferprobert

EWU Biology Professor and Eagle alum Dr. Jessica Allen was featured on Science Friday last week. She discussed the important, often unconsidered role that cemeteries play in urban plant and animal life. Science Friday is a favorite for science enthusiasts across the globe that… [Read more]
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Amanda Reich

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a47A5FCcqhY Computer Science masters student Amanda Reich talks about why she chose computer science, and how she is utilizing computer science and geographic information systems to improve Army simulations. [Read more]

Biology Student Showcase

We are proud to showcase theses and the students who completed them to earn their master's degrees. Some of the current theses completed are listed below: Identification of Genes from the Poxvirus of a Parasitoid Wasp Steven Alexander Smith (Spring 2018) Riparian Vegetation and… [Read more]
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Melissa MeltingTallow

May 16, 2019

"It's really important for me to be involved and bring out my heritage." Design major Melissa MeltingTallow shares how the program has helped give her work a voice. [Read more]