Alexandra Davis, PhD

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  • Bias Crimes
  • Crime & Media
  • Research Methods
  • Criminal Law & Society
  • Indigenous Justice


Háu, Alex emačiyapi kštó. Mnísota makoče emátaŋhaŋ. Čhaŋté waštéya napé čhiyúzapi kštó!
(Hello, my name is Alex. I am from Minnesota. I greet you with a good heart!)

Alexandra (Alex) Davis is a critical criminologist whose work focuses on crimes against Indigenous communities. Born and raised in the Midwest, Alex earned their PhD in Criminology, Law, & Justice (with specializations in violence studies and gender & women’s studies) from the University of Illinois Chicago before moving to Spokane in 2020. They currently teach courses in criminal justice ethics, research methods, statistics, peacemaking, and race/class/gender & crime.

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