Brotherly Bonds and Family Traditions

November 1, 2018 By easternmagazine
Phi Delts camping trip 2017

During the course of two decades, an annual boys’ trip for members of Phi Delta Theta transforms into a family affair.

By Brian Lynn ’98

Eastern Washington University provided all of us with a foundation for the future. Our time in Cheney gave us an education, experiences and relationships that helped create our worldview and provided friendships that served as a support system as we discovered what it meant to become an adult.

But time changes all.

Worldviews shift with changing circumstances and perspectives, while relationships morph or slowly fall by the wayside as we continue to move forward in life.

For the men of EWU’s chapter of Phi Delta Theta Fraternity, however, an annual Memorial Day weekend camping trip has helped keep those relationships intact, despite the rigors and distractions of life throughout the rest of the year.

And what was once a boys’ weekend for a few alumni has, as happens with all circumstances and relationships, transformed, into a family affair that is planned for each year for everyone from toddlers to those founding alumni who were on the first camping trips.