EWU Takes Sustainability Seriously

September 18, 2018 By Emily Oliver
Student members of the EWU Sustainability Club

… But who says saving the environment can’t be fun? Taking advantage of the warm weather on Aug. 7, the Eastern Washington University Office of Sustainability participated in a river rafting trip that resulted in the collection of 600 pounds of trash.

Two students with a pile of trash on a boat
EWU Office of Sustainability members haul in trash collected from the Spokane River

Teaming up with the Spokane Riverkeeper, EWU students floated the Spokane River in inflatable kayaks provided by EPIC Adventures, filling bags with trash collected from the water.

Meanwhile, information was provided to Office of Sustainability members on Spokane’s wastewater management plan by EWU geology faculty and Spokane Riverkeeper staff.

“The Riverkeeper continues to partner with different organizations that can supply volunteers to help with this effort,” said Madison Ellington, Outdoor Program coordinator for Eastern Washington University.

“EWU’s Office of Sustainability and EPIC Adventures maintain their dedication to stewardship and environmental health on and off campus.”

Three students mix ingredients in a bowl
EWU Office of Sustainability members making bread from the zucchini grown in the EWU Community Garden

Helping endeavors, the EWU Sustainability Club meets weekly to discuss a variety of topics, such as waste-reduction efforts and education on recycling and composting. Having won the title of “Outstanding Student Organization” at this year’s Student Leadership Excellence Awards, the Sustainability Club is committed to making Eastern Washington University an advocate for environmental health.

An example of student commitment is shown in the Community Garden. Established in 2011, the garden is one of many efforts to aid in sustainability at EWU. Maintained by students and staff, it includes produce such as tomatoes, squash and carrots, to name a few. Not only does the garden provide a learning experience to students on an agricultural level, but its food is also harvested and served throughout EWU dining halls.

Those looking to get involved in similar projects can reach out to the Office of Sustainability for internship or volunteer opportunities.

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