Some Students May Qualify for Food Stamps

May 16, 2024

Basic Food benefits (also known federally as SNAP or EBT) are notoriously difficult for college students to receive, even though they may qualify for assistance.

The University’s Basic Needs Navigator is available to assist students in applying for basic food and other government programs. Help is available in-person from 1-4 p.m. every Wednesday in Tawanka 129, right outside of the campus food pantry.

College students are particularly challenged by the cost of living increases experienced across the country. Many more students are eligible for basic food assistance than actually apply for assistance. Though the qualifications are strict, food assistance is accessible to some students.

When attending college full-time (12 credits or more), students must meet one of the following criteria to receive basic food assistance:

  • Be under 18 or over 50
  • Work an average of 80 hours a month (about 20 hours per week)
  • Be eligible for work study and expect to start a work study position in the next year
  • Be the full-time caregiver of a dependent

Often, the eligibility of work study students is overlooked because the assumption is that they also have to be working 20 hours a week and EWU students workers are capped at 19 hours a week, but work study students are exempt from this hourly minimum and are eligible for the program regardless of their weekly hourly average.

To set up an alternative time to apply, please email basicneeds@ewu.edu or visit our website