That One Adventure Couple

From Eastern Magazine

October 5, 2018 By easternmagazine
EWU alumni couple riding camels in the desert of India

As Katie Gensitskiy, 25, sat down to reply to her emails, sweat poured from her head, and her clothing stuck to her skin. She and her husband, Alex, 28, were on the island of Malapascua (north of Cebu). The remote island has no roads. Chickens, goats and pigs roam freely.

“There’s no AC,” she said. “And the temperature stayed at 85 degrees during the night. Every time we opened our door, tons of flying ants would fly in and attack us!”

In true “Adventure Couple” style, she added, “It was definitely a unique experience.”

Unique experiences are just what Katie and Alex hoped for when they set out to see the world on $82 per day for both of them. Since September 2017, they’ve been traveling and blogging about their experience. Their Instagram page has more than 11,000 followers.