University Message Outlines EWU’s Free Speech Obligations

October 5, 2023

Dear Valued EWU Students,

EWU has been notified that an organization, not affiliated with the university, will be on campus from 9 a.m.-3 p.m., Wednesday, Oct. 25 exercising its right to free speech.

While we are not always notified in advance, it is our goal to keep you informed when we are. This group will be displaying signs featuring photos and distributing leaflets which may contain content some find offensive or distressing related to reproductive rights.

As leaders on campus, we would like to remind you that Eastern takes its role as a public institution seriously. That role comes with a commitment to upholding the principles of open dialogue and the protection of freedom of expression for all of us, even when the forms of that expression seem uncomfortable.

Knowing the above, it is important to know that as a public institution, EWU complies with the First Amendment rights of individuals and organizations/groups. You can learn more about free speech and your rights on our campus by visiting:

As with most outside entities exercising their free speech, we anticipate this group will be located in the campus mall, near the Pence Union Building.

We encourage you to engage in respectful and constructive dialogue that reflects your values while putting your safety at the center of it all. EWU’s commitment is to support your educational journey, and we want you to recognize the potency of your voice. Collectively, we can establish an inclusive learning environment where every student thrives.

In support,

Dr. Lea M. Jarnagin, Vice President for Student Affairs

Dr. Jonathan Anderson, Provost for Academic Affairs