Winter Check-In with Your Student

Winter can be a tough quarter for many students, as the thrill of fall has worn off and the weather tends to be drearier.

January 27, 2023

As we approach the fourth week of Winter Quarter, now is a great time to check in with your Eagle to see how things are going for them. Here are some questions you can ask to get the ball rolling, along with some valuable resources you can point them towards:

  • What are you involved with this quarter?

Winter can feel quieter, but there is still so much to do on and around campus! Whether it be a ski trip with EPIC Adventures, different Valentine’s events with Eagle Entertainment, or rooting on the Eags at one of the many EWU sporting events, we can guarantee you campus is not quiet. Even having just one thing a week your student can look forward to can help their mental health and well-being immensely!

  • How are classes going? 

What class is giving your student the most trouble? Have they connected with a professor or PLUS to coordinate a study group or tutoring? We also recommend having students join a club related to their major. There they can connect with other students about their passion and find friends in their cohort to study with! 

  • What are your summer plans?

We know it feels far off, but summer comes up way faster than you think. Is your student staying in Cheney or coming home this summer? Are they hoping for a summer job or internship related to their major? Winter is the time to connect with the Career Center and see what’s available during that time period. If your student isn’t planning on coming home, make sure their living options are on their mind, as well! 

  • Have you filled out your FAFSA and scholarships?

Did you know FAFSA and scholarships are due on February 1? This can be a huge stressor for your student, but once they get it in it will be such a relief! Make sure to check out the Financial Aid website for any questions you may have. 

  • How is your mental health?

As we all know, Winter can be some of the most taxing months on our mental health. How is your student keeping on top of this? Are they staying active and getting enough sleep? If they need an extra support, the Counseling and Wellness Office is always there to help. 


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