Meeting Agendas & Minutes

The Board of Trustees meets regularly throughout the year to discuss university-related issues and policies. All meetings of the Board of Trustees are open public meetings and anyone is welcome to attend.

Questions? Please contact:

Chandalin Bennett
Executive Assistant to the Board of Trustees
Phone: 509.359.6362

Meeting Agendas & Minutes

Agenda Minutes
February 23-24, 2023 February 23-24, 2023
May 18-19, 2023 May 18-19, 2023
June 22, 2023 June 22, 2023
July 27-28, 2023 July 27-28, 2023
October 12-13, 2023 October 12-13, 2023
December 7-8, 2023 December 7-8, 2023

2023 Board Meeting Dates & Times

*All times are approximate

February 23-24, 2023 – Regular Meeting 

May 18-19, 2023 – Regular Meeting

June 22, 2023 – Regular Meeting (Virtual)

July 13-14, 2023 – Annual Retreat

October 12-13, 2023 – Regular Meeting

December 7-8, 2023 Regular Meeting



Request for Public Comment

Eastern Washington University values your input and public comment is an important part of our board meeting. The Board of Trustees will welcome live public comment during the meeting per the time listed on the agenda.

Unless otherwise provided on the agenda or by the chair, the public comment period will be for ten minutes, with a two-minute limit per speaker. The Board and University officials may respond to public comments sometime in the future, but will not respond during the meeting.

Make a live comment in-person. A sign-in sheet will be made available the day of public comment for in-person meetings. Members of the public who wish to address the Board must complete the sign-in sheet, providing, at a minimum, their first and last name and the subject of their comments. You must sign up yourself, in person, the day of the Board meeting to address the Board. The Board Chair will call on speakers in the order they have signed-in.

Make a live comment via Zoom. To do this, you’ll need to be logged in to the meeting through Zoom video conferencing service or a phone line. The link and phone number are provided on the meeting agenda. All public comments will be audio only (no video).

When the public comment period arrives on the agenda, please use the “Raise Hand” feature and wait to be recognized. The Board Chair or host will unmute you when it’s your turn and will ask that you provide your first and last name for the record and to proceed with your public comment. You will see a button pop up that says the host wants to unmute you – accept the unmute prompt to activate your microphone.

Persons joining the meeting via phone can use the virtual “Raise Hand” feature by pressing *9 on their phone’s keypad. When it is your turn, you will hear a prompt on your phone letting you know you’ve been unmuted by the host.

Again, your public comment will be recorded in the meeting minutes and each commenter will be limited to two minutes. Note that the Zoom chat feature is not available at this meeting and we request you don’t use the “Raise Hand” feature until the public comment period has started. Any ‘raised hands’ ahead of the public comment agenda item will be lowered.

See EWU Policy 101-03 on addressing the Board of Trustees.

Please direct your questions to:

Chandalin Bennett
Executive Assistant to the Board of Trustees
Phone: 509.359.6362