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Eastern Washington University students, faculty, staff, and members of the larger community are invited to get involved at the WAGE Center.

Whether you hope to volunteer, do an internship for credit, serve as an advisory board member, join one of the clubs we advise, donate to our efforts, or work for us in a work-study position, there are plenty of opportunities for you. Your input and contributions are valuable to us and will help shape the future of the WAGE Center.

Connect with Us

Work-Study Jobs

As one of our work-study employees, you will spend your time doing a variety of work. Here are some examples:

  • Create media
  • Plan and implement social media
  • Research
  • Assist with events
  • Maintain WAGE Center website
  • Answer emails and phones
  • Greet our guests
  • Attend meetings on behalf of the WAGE Center
  • Edit posters and flyers
  • Build connections across campus and in the community

A work-study job in the WAGE Center can help you make great connections with people. It also will help build your resume for scholarships, internships, and your future career. This position gives you the opportunity to improve computer skills and problem-solving skills. In the WAGE Center, you gain work experience in a space where you will feel included and have support from everyone in the Center and GWSS. In addition to learning about working in an office, you will build your leadership skills, improve your computer skills, gain interpersonal communication experience, and develop your problem-solving skills. Other than working with cool people with many different life experiences, the best perks are the amazing workshops and discussions at the Center.

Successful candidates will be reliable, detail-oriented, self‑directed, willing to ask questions, responsible, and customer service-oriented. You must work well individually and as part of a team. The candidate will also be willing to learn how to ask for donations and participate as an active part of an events team. Written and verbal communication skills are important aspects of this role. Knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel, EagleSync, social media, and data entry are required. Knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator are preferred, but if you don’t have those skills yet, you will learn them with us.

The WAGE Center typically hires four marketing and events assistants through the work-study program each year. Students are involved in organizing events, implementing a communications plan, graphic design, film and photography, and more.

In this position, you will develop your event planning, marketing, public relations, outreach, administrative, and communications skills. This position offers lots of room for growth and is for students who want to prepare themselves for success after college. From helping to coordinate feminist events to promoting the academic program and WAGE on social media platforms to learning invaluable administrative skills, you will be responsible for a wide variety of tasks. You will be part of a supportive team in a comfortable environment.

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EWU’s Career Center reminds students that internships are essential professional learning experiences that complement what you’re learning in class, help you explore career choices, and learn how to navigate the real-world workplace. They recommend that students do two or more internships before graduation.

WAGE Center Ambassador Internship

This is a formal internship opportunity for credit with the WAGE Center. Interns are supervised by the WAGE Center Manager and an EWU Faculty member. It is designed collaboratively with each intern to support you in the development of the professional skills you hope to have prior to graduation. Typically, the person chosen as the WAGE Center Ambassador will be interested in making connections with both on-campus partners and off-campus organizations. This intern is also involved in the WAGE Center Advisory Board. Contact Lisa Logan at for more information.

Club Leadership Internship

This is a for-credit internship opportunity for students who are involved in Scary Feminists and Planned Parenthood Generation Action. Interns are supervised by the WAGE Center Manager and a GWSS Faculty member. It is designed to give students a valuable experience in feminist leadership. Students will develop skills that give them a competitive advantage in future leadership positions. Career goals and prior life-experiences are considered in the structure of this internship. This intern supports the long-term success of whichever club they are involved in. Contact Lisa Logan at for more information.

Support Us

Did you know that we need financial support for our work?

Opportunities include:

  • Sally Winkle Gender, Women’s & Sexuality Studies Scholarship Endowment Fund
  • Activist in Residence Endowment Fund
  • HOME Childcare Scholarship
  • WIN Emergency fund for Single Students who are Parents
  • General GWSS-WAGE Center Fund

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Do you want to connect in the WAGE Center on a deeper level? Are you a student who wants to participate more in the work at the Center but you do not have time to complete an internship with us? Are you interested in finding out more about intersectionality and contributing to our efforts? Are you a community member who wants to get involved in feminist efforts in the area? Volunteering in the WAGE Center might be a great fit for you! Volunteers have helped us with research on ways to better connect in the community, organized our lending library, sorted and de-cluttered the Center, organized donors toward our scholarships and endowment efforts, and even cleaned the microwave!

Please contact Lisa Logan at to find out more about how to volunteer.

Fund Development Committee

We are working toward endowment on the Activist in Residence fund and the Sally Winkle Gender Women’s & Sexuality Studies Scholarship fund. We are seeking community members to support our efforts toward reaching our goals on these two endowments. People who are involved in this committee may also connect donors with our HOME Scholarship and the Women in Need Fund. Contact Lisa Logan at today to get involved in helping us reach our fundraising goals.

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Advisory Board

Would you like to have input into how we organize our efforts in the Center? We are currently forming a student-advisory board. Please contact Lisa Logan at to find out more!

Reserve the Center

We support classes, community groups, and organizations in our space for purposes that are aligned with our mission.

The WAGE Center can accommodate up to 60 people. There are modular couches, small square tables, and chairs with arms on them. There is a movie screen, projector, and wall outlet with connectors for PCs and some Macs. There is a kitchen with a microwave, refrigerator, a sink, dishes, silverware, and cups.

Please note that a contact person should be present during the event, setup, and clean up after the event. Noise should not be excessive. All university policies should be followed in our space.

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Fragrance-Free Space

Thank you for helping us maintain a welcoming and accessible environment for everyone who uses the WAGE Center and Gender, Women’s & Sexuality Studies suite.

Please refrain from wearing scented products while visiting this space as they can cause serious health issues for those with fragrance allergies and/or chemical sensitivities.

Scented products include perfumes, colognes, scented lotions, clothing washed and/or dried with scented products, scented hair products, and essential oils

We appreciate your cooperation in making your space more accessible. Thank you for your consideration for all members of our community. For more information on why we are becoming fragrance-free, check out the following resources: