Minor in
Criminal Justice


No matter your major, the Minor in Criminal Justice Program is designed to help you become an educated citizen. In addition to learning the basics of criminal justice, you will complete social science foundation courses. You will also have the opportunity to choose from a variety of criminal justice electives such as forensics, ethics, restorative justice, peacemaking criminology and more.

What You'll Learn

The following information comes from the official EWU catalog, which outlines all degree requirements and serves as the guide to earning a degree. Courses are designed to provide a well-rounded and versatile degree, covering a wide range of subject areas.

Criminal Justice Minor

Required Courses
Electives–choose from other CRIM courses in consultation with Criminal Justice advisor.15
Total Credits25

Sample Courses


Notes: for majors only.
Scientific methods of inquiry used in forensic investigations. Includes methodologies from social science, natural science, law, and criminal justice.

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CRIM 375. VICTIMOLOGY. 5 Credits.

Pre-requisites: CRIM 300.
This course introduces students to the study of victims, victimization and victim rights. Topics include the causes and consequences of various types of criminal victimization, including victimizations related to violent and property crime, family violence, elder abuse, sexual violence, cyber crime, white collar crime, state crime, and more.

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CRIM 415. CRIME AND MEDIA. 5 Credits.

Pre-requisites: CRIM 300.
This course confront and critiques media representations of criminality, crime and punishment as they appear in popular culture. News media, film, television, social media, and other forms of media exist as sites of cultural creation and consumption; specifically they inform our knowledge of crime and justice, influencing policy and practice. Topics include criminogenic media, representations of police, courts, and corrections in media, and use of media in crime control strategies.

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CRIM 460. PENOLOGY. 5 Credits.

Notes: Acceptable background security check. Course fee. CJ majors have priority.
A study of the contemporary practice of penology in the western world with special attention to the United States and Washington state. Lecture, laboratory and required field trips to Northwest Custodial Institutions.

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