Killin Scholars – AY2019-2020

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Each year the EWU Honors Program selects three outstanding applicants to receive one of Eastern’s most prestigious scholarships, the Orland and Bernice Killin Scholarship.

In selecting our Killin Scholars, who receive full in-state tuition for four years, we consider demonstrated intellectual engagement and curiosity, demonstrated commitment to community, resilience (including persistence in the face of challenges), and transformative power of the scholarship for the student.

Isabel Flores

Isabel Flores has the goal of becoming a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner.  She has expressed an affinity and desire to help others, especially children.  Her work with her local church, in volunteering with the religious education classes, has provided her the exceptional opportunity to become familiar with working with a diverse group of children at the same time.

Flores has also demonstrated her commitment to community involvement by volunteering as a translator for parent-teacher conferences at her local school district.  As she said in her own words, “I know there are many parents in my community who only speak Spanish and I decided to help them out.  It was challenging because I didn’t know how to properly translate certain phrases, but I was able to communicate properly with the teachers and parents.”

Flores was able to demonstrate that volunteering isn’t always doing something perfectly, but having a willingness to try to make your community, home or school a better place.

Ivan Cibrian

Ivan Cibrian is currently exploring different majors, with the goal to help both people and animals.  He has demonstrated this commitment by volunteering at his local food bank, as well as volunteering at his church to cook and serve food for people at a safety shelter.

In his own words, “This experience has helped me to see things from a different perspective, and realize that not everyone is as fortunate as you.  This is why I am interested in a profession where you help others, and why I would someday like to help animals… I will work hard to continue to get good grades, and I will always continue to help other people out as much as I can.”

Dawn Rose Ratcliff

Dawn Rose Ratcliff plans to major in business administration and minor in psychology, so she can open a counseling center.  “Growing up I have seen many people struggle.  My goal is to provide a safe place for people to go when they need support and guidance.  I want to spend my life bringing happiness and strength into people’s lives.”

Ratcliff ran a business for her high school senior project called the $1 Christmas Store, where children buy presents for their families.  While running her business, she obtained experience with, among other things, advertising and marketing.  Ratcliff also acted as a mentor for sixth grade elementary students in her school district.

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