Poem by Reanna Guerrero

2 inches between us

staring into your

Brown and white seas

The two passageways so vivid

A voice tells me to jump in, but I am scared

I slip my life jacket on

To make sure I keep safe,


it doesn’t help because

The waves swallow me into the depths of your seas

How is it possible that I am back in the water?

I see the shark, there it is again

Closing my eyes, holding on tight, I scream

Intensively waiting for the shark to gnaw on me.

But wait, it doesn’t –

He tells me to take my life jacket off

For it won’t hurt me this time

Opening my eyes, I look around and see colors. I see greens, blues, purples, red, and pinks.

The stormy clouds begin to evaporate

The boggle of noise start to dissipate

Anxiety, fear, and loneliness slip away

The universe slowly disappears

For some reason I feel safe, this time I feel right…