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GWSS Director, Judy Rohrer, PhD explores the troubling history and the troubled future of the Boy Scouts

Wdoole, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

In the recent article, published in the Journal of Gender Studies, Dr. Rohrer exposes the ways in which the bankrupt

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Contemporary Issues in Feminist Research: Spring 2021

Audience at CIFR

EWU Gender, Women’s & Sexuality Studies presents for spring 2021 Contemporary Issues in Feminist Research, featuring faculty and staff presenting

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Gender, Women’s & Sexuality Studies Releases 2019-2020 Annual Report

Students in conversation in the WAGE Center

Despite a year that ended in a virtual environment, the Women’s and Gender Studies Annual Report is filled with videos,

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EWU Gender, Women’s & Sexuality Studies Program Announces New Name and Major

September 23, 2020

Processing - by Favianna Rodriguez

As part of Eastern Washington University’s commitment to address ever-changing regional, national and global environments, the university is thrilled to

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COVID, Structural Change, and EWU’s Future – Inlander Column

September 18, 2020

A young person makes a BLM poster for a car demonstration.

Judy Rohrer, PhD reminds us in an Inlander commentary, “There are no shortcuts to fundamental structural change, no shortcuts to

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Professor Judy Rohrer’s “White Supremacy is the Deeper Virus”

Car protesters with signs that read: White Supremacy: What have I done today to confront it? What more can I do tomorrow? and Justice 4 George!

Judy Rohrer, PhD reminds us, “Before we act as accomplices, we need to listen. And I mean really listen hard,

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COVID-19 Reveals Viral Discrimination, Higher Ed Should Pay Attention

May 28, 2020

Image by Dr. Judy Rohrer: car protest that took place in Oakland, CA on April 11, 2020 organized by Mom’s 4 Housing and the Black Housing Union

An article by our director, Judy Rohrer, PhD, titled “COVID-19 Reveals Viral Discrimination, Higher Ed Should Pay Attention” was published

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Dr. Judy Rohrer’s “Eres Mi Otro Yo: Storytelling from the Borderlands” published by Rutgers

May 18, 2020

A person stands in front of a butterfly mural with the #TijuanaTranforma painted by @biennenipaatijuana

Eres Mi Otro Yo: Storytelling from the Borderlands by Judy Rohrer I want to tell a story about recognition, misrecognition,

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Activist in Residence 2020 Dates

Lili Navarrete

The Women’s and Gender Studies Program and the Women’s and Gender Education Center are the lead organizers of the Activist

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