Room Reservations

Reserve a Room

The Catalyst building is unique in that EWU does not own the space, but is a tenant of the building. While we are able to reserve space for meetings and events, the building was not designed as an event center. It is mostly office and classroom spaces and doesn’t allow a lot of open space for large events. Similar to the Cheney campus, the South Landing location will prioritize space for credit-bearing and academically related activity.

University Departments

25Live is the primary way to reserve a room or space, however, departmental conference rooms are requested via Outlook. Requests for spaces should be made at least 14 days in advance. Classroom availability can’t be confirmed until after the 10th day of the term when class schedules are finalized.

EWU does not own the Catalyst building, so traditional resources — such as trucking, catering and parking — are not available through Event Planning and need to be scheduled with an outside vendor. Additionally, IT has very limited availability and a help desk ticket will need to be submitted to request assistance.

External Clients and Student Groups

EWU would like to host any and all events possible at the Catalyst building. There are associated costs, and the group must have an EWU department or college “sponsor” who can appoint an event coordinator.

To learn more, email with what you’re looking for and EWU will work to accommodate as best as possible.