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Impact on career

AACSB Alumni Report: Facts about the academic and career success of 2012-15 graduates

23.8% of our student body came from international backgrounds such as China, Vietnam, and the Middle East.
69% of our students juggled between their MBA courses and full time jobs.
68.4% of students who worked, earned a promotion because of their MBA degree (position promotion, pay raise, and both).
24.4% of MBA graduates earned business related licenses such as CPA, PMP, CIA, CISA, and Six Sigma: (Black Belt).
The average of study period is 2.5 years.
The median of study period is 1.5 years.
The minimum of study period is 1 year.
The maximum of study period is 6 years.

What are the alumni saying?

Kayla Lopuch

Financial Planner at AKT Wealth Advisors

"I met people I would have never met otherwise and made great connections. It is an experience I now look back on and wish I could do all over again. Completing the MBA program reprogrammed my brain to think, research and ask questions differently. I use this new perspective every day. It has trained me to be a more efficient problem solver, effective communicator and cognitive individual."

Carly Wells

Director of Sales Operations at Travelers Insurance

"Having an MBA helped me stand out in a candidate pool as I continued to advance my career. It strengthened my ability to work within a group and negotiate to get my point across while working with peers who had different backgrounds and styles than me. There are always other things you could be spending time and money on, but investing in you is always something that pays dividends. Don't let obstacles get in the way of where you want to be in two years. By enrolling and committing to finishing this program, time will fly by."

David Flood

Vice President at STCU Lending Administration

"To current students I'd say congratulations; you have taken the first step towards getting your MBA. Also, I'd say it is important to continually learn new things, to grow and develop. Getting an MBA will do that for you."

Josh Stirpe

Director and Assistant Vice President of Safeco Insurance

"Strategically, I'm able to leverage the diverse knowledge gained from the program to look at my business through a lens outside my industry enabling me to develop long term diverse strategies differentiating my business in the marketplace."

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