Successful Stuttering Management Program

For Preteens, Teens and Adults


Developed and used for over 35 years in intensive stuttering workshops at Eastern Washington University, the Successful Stuttering Management Program (SSMP) has helped hundreds of clients gain insights to deal honestly with their stuttering disorder and gain control and confidence in their daily interactions with others.

Summer 2022 Workshops

Summer Workshop

The Successful Stuttering Modification Program follows the principles of stuttering modification with an emphasis on acceptance and fear reductions it is designed to teach the person to manage and control stuttering and to manage the emotional response to stuttering.

Phase I:  June 23 -27 with a June 22 arrival

The workshop five-day intensive therapy program focusing on the Successful Stuttering Management Program (avoidance reduction, acceptance and desensitization).

Phase II: June 28-30 with a June 27th arrival

A three-day therapy program focusing on Successful Stuttering Management Program (modification of stuttering in real-life situations).

SUMMER WORKSHOP: June 22 through June 30, 2022

You may participate in Phase I, Phase II or both. There is also the option of completing a session virtually. Ideally, Phase I would be completed in person.

Cost: $1,200 for the combined program which includes housing, transportation and most meals.

Location: Eastern Washington University, Spokane Health Science Building.

310 North Riverpoint Blvd, Spokane, WA 99202

Contact: SSMP Workshop Directors Robbie Jackson at or Kim Krieger at

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