Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies: Liberal Arts


Are you interested in the humanities, sciences and social sciences? The Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies: Liberal Arts option is for you. In this program, you’ll have the opportunity to take courses from each area. You’ll also develop the research and critical thinking skills needed for a variety of careers and graduate programs.

Curriculum & Requirements

What You'll Learn

The following information comes from the official EWU catalog, which outlines all degree requirements and serves as the guide to earning a degree. Courses are designed to provide a well-rounded and versatile degree, covering a wide range of subject areas.

Interdisciplinary Studies: Liberal Arts Major, Bachelor of Arts (BA)

The Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies: Liberal Arts program is designed for students wanting a traditional “liberal arts” degree. Students select 60 upper division credits, 20 credits in each of the breadth areas of humanities, science, and social science. The curriculum is specifically designed for those whose academic interests and goals are not met by existing majors, yet desire more structure toward course selection. Students craft a personalized course of study within the 20-20-20 liberal arts framework under the guidance of the Director of Interdisciplinary Studies. In addition, 12 credits of Interdisciplinary Core courses are required, emphasizing an integrated approach to understanding complex, real-world problems, ensuring a well-rounded and cohesive educational experience.

Pre-approval is required from departments or program directors and the Interdisciplinary Studies director.

How does this degree compare with other Interdisciplinary Studies degree options? Review the program comparison table for detailed information.

Note: two years of a single high school world language or one year of a single college-level world language is required.

Required–choose courses from the following areas–must be upper-division (300/400 level)
Social Sciences20
ITDS 490INTERDISCIPLINARY SR CAPSTONE (or other departmental capstone with ITDS Director approval)4
Total Credits72