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Bachelor of Arts in Physics

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Degree Course Requirements
Bachelor of Art in Physics
Physics Major (required courses) - 45credits
This major requires the completion of a minor
Requires two years of a single high school foreign language or one year
of a single college level foreign language

  • PHYS 151 General Physics I (4)
    • Concurrent enrollment in MATH 161**
  • PHYS 152 General Physics II (4)
    • Concurrent enrollment in MATH 162** and completion of PHYS 151
  • PHYS 153 General Physics III (4)
    • Concurrent enrollment in MATH 163** and completion of PHYS 152
  • PHYS 161 Mechanics Lab (1)
  • PHYS 162 Heat and Optics (1)
  • PHYS 163 Instrumentation Lab I (1)
  • PHYS 164 Instrumentation Lab II (1)
  • PHYS 221 General Physics IV (4)
    • Prerequisite: PHYS 153

ELECTIVES (25 Credits)
A total of 25 credits are chosen; courses are subject to approval by the department.
**See specific department or Graduate & Undergraduate catalog to find prerequisites for these classes.

Although the Physics Department does not offer PHYS 490: Senior Capstone;  a 490 course is a University requirement for graduation.  See your department advisor or department chair for more information.

What will I study?

The Bachelor of Arts degree allows the student to acquire a physics degree with strong emphasis in one or more related fields of study. This degree is ideal preparation for graduate work in such areas as geophysics, biophysics, and physical chemistry. Physics graduates also commonly enter graduate schools in engineering fields.
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