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Physics is the study of the physical environment and the laws governing the behavior of particles, fields, and space/time. More specifically, physicists study mechanics, heat, light, electric and magnetic fields, gravitation, relativity, atomic and nuclear physics, solid-state physics and many other topics. In general, physics strives for a mathematical description of the laws of nature at the most fundamental level and is, therefore, the most mathematical of the basic sciences. Curious to learn more? Check out our courses or one of our degree options.

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Our department is committed to excellence and student success.

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Most classes are limited to 15-25 students which allows professors to devote time to individual students.

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Our graduates have a great record of finding employment soon after graduation.

Class Schedules

Course offerings are tentative and subject to change. Click the links below to view our 2023-2024 tentative class schedules:

Careers in Physics

Earning a degree, minor, or endorsement in physics from Eastern Washington University leads to many career opportunities:


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The Women in Science club has end-of-the-quarter study sessions for all science students. Contact the club advisor, Amber McConnell, PhD, at or find the club on social media using the tag @wiseclubewu.