Connor Bacon

Digital Media Manager | Vanderbilt University

Name: Connor Bacon

Graduation Year: 2017

Job Title:Digital Media Manager

Organization: Vanderbilt University

Describe your design journey: I graduated with a degree in design, but took a hard pivot towards the world of photography and videography. Mainly focused around these disciplines, I learned some front end web design and webflow development that I carry with me into freelance gigs in the present day.

After about 5 years of freelance and working alongside a local advertising agency, I decided to branch out into the world of higher education here in Nashville, TN, heading up their video production for the Office of Digital Education.

What are some of the responsibilities of your current position? I am responsible for managing a production team centered around creating digital content for Vanderbilt’s online education directive. My responsibilities span from pre-production to production to post production and everything in between.

What is your favorite part about your position? My favorite part about my current position is the flexibility it allows for and the leadership doors that have opened for me. I am able to work closely with my team to produce high quality video productions and marketing materials.

How did the Design Program prepare you for your current position? The Design Program prepared me for this role by instilling design thinking into how I interact with the world. I am able to break processes down and design them to better suit the needs of my team and our clients. I still handle some graphic design on my day to day, and freelance on the side, however the thinking is what really has shaped the way I approach my work.

What was most memorable to you about your experiences in the design program? Most memorable were the people I was able to learn and grow alongside, as well as the faculty that helped shape the program and interactions within it. Being at Eastern allowed me to explore creativity and my capabilities with support and encouragement from my peers.

What advice would you give to someone who is considering pursuing a design degree? My advice for someone who is considering pursuing a design degree is to do it. The value that it brings to your worldview is extremely useful in negotiating the professional world, as well as many other aspects of life after school. Don’t worry so much about the tools, as they change and shift over time. Leverage design principles to shape the way you see the world.