Looking for a reason to go to college?

Find peace and purpose in the design program. Open to something new, challenging, and eye-opening? Eastern is a launchpad for unthought possibilities.

In the design program, you’ll be encouraged to make and learn from mistakes—many, many mistakes. The challenge: get uncomfortable and discover opportunities that make life interesting.

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Why Study at Eastern?

We're passionate about the same things as you. It's not just a program but a family.

Discover, Create, and Innovate

We offer a solid foundation in design. You'll find a place where your marks will mean something—creativity on paper, on computers, and in life.

Connect with a Community

We'll plug you into an alumni mentor network. We'll introduce you to some of the most influential people you'll ever meet. People we hope you'll be happy to call colleagues and friends.

Small Class Sizes

Thanks to our small class sizes, you get more time to work with faculty. Our instructors go above and beyond to make sure students succeed.

Abstract Light

Our photography students play with light in a number of ways; this project shows how light can be used to create abstractions.

Product Design

Throughout the Design Program, students have the chance to design packaging for products—both existing items and new ideas.

Brand Thyself

In this project, students had the opportunity to develop a personal brand: a representation of who they are and what they stand for.

Meet Our Community

Get to know current students and alumni, see our work and learn more about the design industry.


Meet current and past students, join discussions on design, and hear about cool events around Spokane.

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Student Stories

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Chelsea Taylor


“I want to sell something they can believe in.” Design major Chelsea Taylor describes how...

Lucas Josue


Lucas Josue studies visual communication design. His favorite aspect of the program is receiving critiques,...