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Bring Your Designs to Life

The 4D Lab at EWU is a unique maker’s space featuring a variety of digital and analog modes of creation, including 3D printing, poster printing, vinyl cutting, risograph printing, and more. As an EWU design student, you’ll be able to experiment with this equipment and take your work from screen to production.

The purchasing and use of materials is currently restricted to EWU faculty, staff, and students.

Our Equipment

  • TAZ Lulzbot Workhorse 3D Printers (x2)
  • Riso MH9450U 2-Color Digital Duplicator
  • USCutter SC2 34” Vinyl Cutter
  • AxiDraw SE/A3 Pen Plotter
  • 1” Button Maker Machine (x2)
  • Heat Press Machine (x2)

Animation created using the 4D Lab Riso

Pricing & Payments

All purchases and services provided by the 4D Lab will be charged through EagleFlex.

3D Printing: TAZ Workhorse

Polymaker PolylitePLAStandard (0.25mm)$0.10 per gram ($1 min)
High (0.15mm)$0.20 per gram ($1 min)
nGen ColorFabbPLAStandard (0.25mm)$0.10 per gram ($1 min)
High (0.15mm)$0.20 per gram ($1 min)
Polymaker PolyFlexTPU95 (“Flex Rubber”)Standard (0.25mm)$0.10 per gram ($1 min)
High (0.15mm)$0.20 per gram ($1 min)

Vinyl Cutting: US Cutter SC2

Oracal 651Adhesive Vinyl (permanent)Assorted$2 per sq. ft.
Oracal 631Adhesive Vinyl (removable)Assorted$2 per sq. ft.
Siser EasyWeedHeat Transfer VinylBlack or White$5 per sq. ft.
Transfer TapeAdhesive Vinyl ApplicatorTransparent$1 per sq. ft.

Risograph Printing: Riso MH9450U

Price Per Master/ColorPrice Per Print Count (Sheets)
Single master/color: $1
1 - 10: $0.25 each
Dual master/color: $211 - 30: $0.20 each
31 - 50: $0.10 each
51+: $0.10 each

Button Making: 1-Inch ProMaker Button Machine

Collet Back Buttons$0.25 each
Magnet Back Buttons$0.25 each

Learn the Equipment

Interested in learning how to use the equipment? Sign up for DESN 396: Fab Lab and get firsthand experience with the pros. You’ll complete a different project with each machine in the lab and receive guidance along the way.

Course Info

DESN 396: Fab Lab (2 Credits)
Catalyst 209 | Tuesdays, 4-5:50 p.m.
Instructor: Jamin Kuhn (jkuhn87@ewu.edu)
Winter Quarter 2023