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The 4D Lab at EWU is a unique maker’s space featuring a variety of digital and analog modes of creation, including 3D printing, poster printing, vinyl cutting, risograph printing, and more. As an EWU design student, you’ll be able to experiment with this equipment and take your work from screen to production.

The purchasing and use of materials is currently restricted to EWU faculty, staff, and students.

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Location & Hours

Come say hi! We’re located in Catalyst 172B

Fall Quarter

M-Th: 10 a.m. to noon and 1-4 p.m.
F: By Appointment

To make an appointment, contact Jamin Kuhn (jkuhn87@ewu.edu) or Katrina Brisbin (kbrisbin@ewu.edu)

Our Equipment

  • TAZ Lulzbot Workhorse 3D Printers (x2)
  • Riso MH9450U 2-Color Digital Duplicator
  • USCutter SC2 34” Vinyl Cutter
  • AxiDraw SE/A3 Pen Plotter
  • 1” Button Maker Machine (x2)
  • Heat Press Machine (x2)
  • Canon Large Format Printer

Animation created using the 4D Lab Riso

Pricing & Payments

You can pay for your 4D purchases and services with a credit/debit card via the EWU Marketplace.

3D Printing: TAZ Workhorse

MaterialTypeQualityPrice ($2 min)
Polymaker PolylitePLAStandard (0.25mm)$0.10 per gram
High (0.15mm)$0.20 per gram
nGen ColorFabbPLAStandard (0.25mm)$0.10 per gram
High (0.15mm)$0.20 per gram
Polymaker PolyFlexTPU95 (“Flex Rubber”)High (0.15mm)$0.20 per gram

Vinyl Cutting: US Cutter SC2

Oracal 651Adhesive Vinyl (permanent)Assorted$3 per sq. ft.
Oracal 631Adhesive Vinyl (removable)Assorted$3 per sq. ft.
Siser EasyWeedHeat Transfer VinylBlack or White$5 per sq. ft.
Transfer Tape*Adhesive Vinyl ApplicatorTransparent$2 per sq. ft.

*Transfer tape is needed for each project

Risograph Printing: Riso MH9450U

Price Per Master/ColorPrice Per Print Count (Sheets)
Single master/color: $51 - 10: $0.25 each
Dual master/color: $1011 - 30: $0.20 each
31 - 50: $0.10 each
51+: $0.10 each

For larger, more complex Riosgraph printing projects, reach out to Jamin Kuhn (jkuhn87@ewu.edu) for consultation and a custom quote.

Button Making: 1-Inch ProMaker Button Machine

Collet Back Buttons$0.25 each
Magnet Back Buttons$0.25 each

Canon Large Format Printer

MaterialPrice Per Linear Foot
17" 90gsm Matte Roll$4
24” Plain / Bond Roll$4
42" Plain / Bond Roll$7
42” Heavyweight Matte Roll$8
24” Photo Luster$6

Learn the Equipment

Interested in learning how to use the equipment? Sign up for DESN 396: Fab Lab (2 Credits) and get firsthand experience with the pros. You’ll complete a different project with each machine in the lab and receive guidance along the way.

Call for Residents

The Risograph Print Residency of Spokane offers community-minded artists and designers creative opportunities towards print-based project proposals utilizing the unique Risograph facilities of EWU’s 4D Lab.

The 2024 Residency will consist of four total awardees to be hosted in either Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall of 2024.

  • Winter: Feb. 2 – Mar. 1
  • Spring: May 10 – Jun. 7
  • Summer: Jul. 5 – Aug. 2
  • Fall: Nov. 8- Dec. 6

The deadline to apply is Nov. 15, 2023. There is no application fee.


  • EWU Faculty: Ginelle Hustrulid, Jamin Kuhn, and Simeon Mills
  • Spokane Print & Publishing: Thom Caraway

Project Guidelines

Proposals should include the creation of printed materials utilizing the Risograph through editions, posters, photographs, books, zines, and/or other experimental ephemera, culminating in either a public workshop, artist talk, or community-based project. Preference will be given to community-minded proposals that push the boundaries of this unique medium.

Available Equipment

  • Risograph MH9450U Duplicator (2-Drum)
  • Black, Fluor. Pink, Yellow, and Blue colors (+3 TBD)
  • Saddle and long-reach staplers
  • Guillotine and Heavy-Duty paper trimmers
  • M1 iMacs
  • Adobe CC

Additional Benefits

  • 225 sq ft dedicated work space
  • Preferential access to the Risograph studio
  • One-on-one Risograph training, support, and assistance
  • $250 print materials/supplies budget
  • Additional $250 Resident Honorarium
  • Public exhibition of research and work

Residency Requirements

  • Residents are required to occupy and utilize the dedicated workspace at least 4-6 hours per week.
  • Residents are required to donate 20% of their editions/prints to the 4D Lab archive. These will serve as educational artifacts, promotional materials, and will be sold to support equipment expenses and future residents.
  • Residents are expected to present their work and attend the public exhibition at the end of their stay.

Application Materials

  • A written project proposal, highlighting any community engagement, participation, and/or related themes, including which season you would prefer to be in residence. Title the file: “Your name, proposal” and submit a PDF format.
  • A PDF containing 10-20 images of work relevant to your proposal, whether through direct relation or previous projects. Preference will be given to those showcasing print production experience and/or interdisciplinary and experimental approaches to print. Title the file: “Your name, portfolio” and submit a PDF format.
  • A separate statement expressing why the proposal might be uniquely compatible with Risograph duplication. Title the file: “Your name, statement” and submit a PDF format.


For questions about Risograph printing, travel, and/or other residency-related inquiries, please contact Jamin Kuhn at jkuhn87@ewu.edu.

Risograph Print Residency Application

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    About Risograph Printing

    Risograph printing draws from an eclectic history of both manual and digital processes, merging the logic and charm of screenprinting with the reliability and speed of the workhorse photocopier. Offering an array of unique spot colors, makers are introduced to explosive colors that are otherwise unachievable through standard digital printing.

    While “CMYK-like” color combinations are somewhat achievable, non-standard color combinations are where Riso proves most exciting, including duotones and tritones. Because each color is printed one layer at a time, multicolor registration will never be perfect, resulting in unique, one of a kind prints. Layering methods, including overprinting, knockouts, and trapping, provide differing ways to experiment with registration.

    For a quick and easy way to test color separations in your own work, download Spectrolite.

    Our Support

    The Riso Residency at EWU is made possible thanks to a generous grant from the Spokane Arts Grant Awards (SAGA). For more info about SAGA and other artist opportunities, visit the Spokane Arts website.