Certificate in Front-end Web Design


The Frontend Web Design Certificate trains professionals in both design and coding for web projects. You’ll learn to design and code websites, apps, games, displays, and mixed-reality experiences.

Develop skills in creating engaging user interactions using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The certificate covers modern web technologies, methodologies, software, and devices. It’s a valuable program for professionals requiring hybrid job skills in design and code.

Curriculum & Requirements

What You'll Learn

The following information comes from the official EWU catalog, which outlines all degree requirements and serves as the guide to earning a degree. Courses are designed to provide a well-rounded and versatile degree, covering a wide range of subject areas.

Front-end Web Design Certificate, Undergraduate

A certificate in Front-end Web Design prepares students and working professionals with hybrid job skills requiring proficiency in both design and code. Students learn how to design and also code web-enabled: sites, apps, games, displays, and mixed-reality experiences. Students design engaging interactions, and then code them using the web technologies of HTML, CSS, JavaScript. The Front-end Web Design Certificate provides an applied understanding of modern: user interactions, software and services, methodologies, and devices.

Note: to receive the certificate, students must successfully complete each of the required courses.

Grade Requirements: students must earn a GPA ≥2.5 in certificate coursework.

Required Courses
Total Credits15