Course Offerings

Annual Schedule

Our courses are generally offered during the same quarters each year. For the most up-to-date and accurate course offerings, check EagleNET.

NumberNameFall WinterSpring
DESN 100Drawing for Communication
DESN 200Visual Thinking
DESN 216Digital Foundations
DESN 243Typography
DESN 301Visual Storytelling
DESN 325Emergent Design
DESN 326Animation 1
DESN 338User Experience Design 1
DESN 343Typography 2
DESN 348User Experience Design 2
DESN 350Digital Photography
DESN 355Motion Design
DESN 359Global Histories of Design
DESN 360Publication Design
DESN 365Motion Design 2
DESN 366Production Design
DESN 368Web Design 1
DESN 375Digital Video
DESN 378Web Design 2
DESN 384Digital Sound
DESN 385Advanced Digital Sound
DESN 401Imaginary Worlds
DESN 458User Experience Design 3
DESN 468Web Design 3
DESN 480Professional Practice
DESN 490Senior Capstone
DESN 493Portfolio Review
DESN 495Internship

Courses Not Currently Offered

The following courses are not offered for this year, but are tentatively scheduled as follows for the future:

NumberNameFall WinterSpring
DESN 210Design Thinking Lab
DESN 336Animation 2
DESN 351Advanced Digital Photography
DESN 374Brand Thinking and Service Design
DESN 410Signs, Symbols, and Codes
DESN 446Animation 3
DESN 474Advertising Concepts