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Discover the different kinds of help you can get at the Eastern Washington University for your classes and personal growth. We’ve put together some useful links for students from other countries and important resources on campus to make your time at EWU even better. Remember, this isn’t everything the university has – there’s a lot more! We want you to check out everything EWU offers so you can make the most of your school experience.

Health Insurance

Health care in the US can be very expensive.  You will be responsible for all of your medical costs unless you have adequate health insurance. Even if you do have health insurance, you will likely have a copay or coinsurance which will require you to help pay for each service or treatment you access.

EWU does not offer health insurance for international students. If you are looking for a health insurance provider in the US, past EWU international students have used iNext International InsurancePSI Health Insurance, and PGH Global.  NAFSA Association of International Educators keeps a list of partner providers: NAFSA Association of International Educators Health Insurance Global Partners.  It is important for you to research companies and their offerings to decide which might best meet your needs.

Students may also qualify to use a Health Insurance Marketplace to find affordable individual coverage.  Washington State has it’s own exchange and rules and can be accessed online at

It is recommended that you purchase health insurance for the duration of your stay in the US.  You should not wait until you are sick or injured to obtain insurance.

All international students, scholars, and their dependents are required to file a tax form with the US government for each tax year that they are in the US, even if they did not earn any income.  The deadline for completing the tax form is usually in mid-April each year.  Completing the form late may result in a fee, but it is better to complete it late than not at all!

The IRS Form 8843 “Statement for Exempt Individuals and Individuals with a Medical Condition” shows nonresident status for US tax purposes.  It tells the US that you are exempt from filing US taxes, and it must be completed each year you are inside the US.  US scholarships covering room and board, course fees, book reimbursements and medical insurance are taxable.  If this applies to you, you are required to file an extra document called 1042-S.

If you are legally employed in the US, some taxes will probably be withheld from your wages and paid by your employer directly to the US tax authorities.  You may be entitled to a refund of some or all of this amount, but you must apply to have the money returned.

Filing tax forms correctly is very important.  Failure to file can impact your future visa and/or status requests in the US.  It is YOUR responsibility to file your tax forms.  University staff members are not authorized to give tax advice.

Do not use an online tax filing service intended for US tax residents such as TurboTax or H&R Block.  Services that are intended for international students and other nonresidents is appropriate.  EWU students have often used Glacier Tax Prep which offers online chat and phone assistance to customers.

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NIL for International Students

On June 21, 2021, SEVP (Student and Exchange Visitor Program, the office responsible for regulating F and J visa types) released a message to SEVIS-certified schools stating the office is:

[…]aware of and actively monitoring proposed federal and state legislation pertaining to the use of name, image and likeness for student-athletes, including F and M nonimmigrant students. The program is working with its partners within the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to review how this legislation affects international student-athletes and will provide updated guidance via Broadcast Messages, Study in the States, social media and SEVP field representatives.

As all EWU international students should know, unauthorized employment will result in the immediate termination of your SEVIS record.  Because SEVP has yet to release updated guidance, EWU international student-athletes are advised to consult a private attorney to determine whether the NCAA’s NIL compensation constitutes “employment” as prohibited by F-1 visa status.  The EWU Global Student Services office does not administer legal advice and the contents of this page should not be construed as such.

Please reference the following citation from the Code of Federal Regulations regarding the prohibition of employment for all nonimmigrants:

8 CFR 214.1(e) Employment. A nonimmigrant in the United States in a class defined in section 101(a)(15)(B) of the Act as a temporary visitor for pleasure, or section 101(a)(15)(C) of the Act as an alien in transit through this country, may not engage in any employment. Any other nonimmigrant in the United States may not engage in any employment unless he has been accorded a nonimmigrant classification which authorizes employment or he has been granted permission to engage in employment in accordance with the provisions of this chapter. A nonimmigrant who is permitted to engage in employment may engage only in such employment as has been authorized. Any unauthorized employment by a nonimmigrant constitutes a failure to maintain status within the meaning of section 241(a)(1)(C)(i) of the Act.

International students with specific questions regarding authorized employment should contact their international student advisor.