How to Finance Your Trip


EWU Global helps to ensure that students attend international institutions that accept FAFSA. Fill out your FAFSA as usual before your study abroad adventure! Please note that financial aid information must be submitted three months in advance of your departure.

Don’t forget to check the homepage of the specific program you are interested in; sometimes they will offer scholarship opportunities as well!

EWU Scholarships

The Global Programs Academic Committee (GPAC) at EWU will evaluate applications, choose, and then contact the winner(s) of the scholarship.

EWU Ortiz Scholarship

Thanks to a generous EWU alumnus who feels her life was changed by her study abroad experience, EWU students can apply for the Ortiz Scholarship, which provides $1,000 towards study abroad costs. Each year one award is given.
Students must be eligible to study abroad through EWU. In addition, students can be undergraduate or graduate students. They must be sophomores standing at the time that their study abroad will begin. They can have any major or minor. They can plan a study abroad trip during any quarter (Fall, Winter, Spring, and/or Summer). They must maintain a minimum of a 2.8 GPA. They must demonstrate financial need for this scholarship.

The application is made available each October and the deadline is in late November.

Pitak Intrawityanunt Scholarship

A former international student who received his graduate degree from EWU created a scholarship to support EWU graduate students who wish to include an international experience as part of their learning. EWU graduate students can apply for the Pitak Scholarship, which provides an award towards study abroad costs. Each year one or more awards are given.

Students must be current graduate students in any field at EWU and be eligible to study abroad through EWU, including maintaining a minimum 2.8 GPA. They must demonstrate a solid research, study, internship, or conference presentation plan for this scholarship.

The application is made available each October and the deadline is in early December.

Financial Aid and Scholarships Faqs

The amount of financial aid you may receive will depend on your eligibility for grants, scholarships and loans along with your Study Abroad program costs. Do not assume your financial aid will cover all your study abroad costs. If your study abroad costs are higher than your regular EWU costs, you may need to seek student loans to assist with the additional expense. This may include a private and/or parent loan.

Study abroad scholarships are available there the EWU Scholarship Application (, from the Gillman Scholarship Program ( and from other outside sources you may find using internet searches. Be sure to inform the Financial Aid and Scholarship Office if you receive any outside scholarships.

Follow the Checklist provided on the back of this information sheet.

For full-time financial aid you must be enrolled for 12 or more credits. Part-time aid may be available.

Due to federal/state regulations, financial aid cannot be released early. Check with your program: many study abroad programs will defer payment if you are relying on financial aid to pay for the program.

No. It is your responsibility to pay for your program or institution abroad. EWU releases funds to the student only.

In many cases GET credits can be applied to your study abroad program. Contact Student Financial Services, or 509.359.6372, for more information.

It is imperative you set up direct deposit with EWU to ensure your financial aid refund is disbursed directly to your bank account while you are abroad.  See the Checklist for more information.

If you would like someone to help you with your financial aid, or any other EWU business needs, while you are abroad, you must complete and submit the Release of Information form to the EWU Records and Registration Office. See the Checklist for more information.

After you return from your study abroad program, you have two terms in which obtain your foreign institution transcript, submit it to EWU and have your “Y” grades converted to regular letter grades. If this does not take place within the two-term deadline, your future financial aid will be put on hold. Be sure to review the Aid Information & Policies, including the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy, at

Is financial aid available to help fund the cost of study abroad programs?

In general, the financial aid and scholarships for which you are eligible may be used for your study abroad program. You must fill out a FAFSA/WASFA, attend a study abroad/exchange program approved by EWU and have been a regular EWU student at least one quarter before your study abroad.

You must complete the EWU Scholarships application by Feb. 1 before your trip. Individual scholarships from other organizations will have different deadlines.

NOTE: Special rules apply to tuition waiver awards.

Questions about Financial Aid can be directed to: EWU Financial Aid, or 509.359.2314