Choose Your Adventure

How to Get Started

Embarking on a study abroad adventure is an exciting chance to explore new places and create a special experience that matches your personal and academic goals. Think about what you want to achieve, like getting better at a language, gaining career skills through internships, exploring unique courses, or connecting with your heritage.

Once you have your goals, there are different ways to study abroad:

You can directly enroll at a university approved by EWU for full immersion

  • Join a provider program with lots of support
  • Travel with EWU faculty for shorter programs
  • Exchange with partner universities nominated by EWU
  • Choose internships for real-world career experience

The options are diverse, and your study abroad journey is not just about the place – it’s about picking the path that suits your goals best, making your experience as special as you are.

Partner Programs Faculty-Led Programs National Student Exchange

Step One: Start with your goals, not a place.

Studying abroad begins with identifying your goals, choosing a program and location that will allow you to meet those goals, and identifying the quarter(s) you would like to and can participate in.

While it might be tempting to start your plan with a specific destination, we suggest a different approach. The first place that comes to mind may not align with what you’re hoping to gain from your study abroad experience. Instead, take a moment to consider these questions:


Do I want to improve my language abilities?

Look for intensive language programs that offer courses in the target language if you are an advanced speaker, and offer homestay options with families to increase language immersion. Think about the language variety that most matches your future communication needs–and choose a program where this is the dialect/form of language you will be using.

Do I want to give myself an edge in preparing for my career?

If so, look for programs that offer an internship in place of one of the courses you will take. Consider countries that are still in development where you can truly use the skills you have learned and can gain unusual insights into how other systems operate.

Do I want to add elements to my coursework that I won’t be able to gain at EWU?

If so, study the course catalog offered by different programs and look for courses that add something unique, valuable and interesting to your major or minor.

Do I want to connect with a heritage language or heritage culture?

If so, look for programs that are close to the language variety and cultural backgrounds that are a part of your family history as well as programs that support heritage-seekers.

Step 2: Choose Your Program

Partner Programs

Discover endless study abroad possibilities through organizations partnered with EWU. Benefit from continuous support before and during your experience.

Partner Programs


Join EWU faculty or staff-led programs for a 3-week adventure, fostering camaraderie with fellow students. Limited options available.

EWU Programs


Engage in a university exchange program, nominated by EWU, and pay EWU tuition. Limited slots available for a unique international academic experience.

Exchange Options

Step 3 Meet with Advisors

Once you have thought about steps one and two or want to know more about studying abroad, please contact our Study Abroad Advisor

Schedule an Appointment

Note: After selecting a program, you’ll also need to meet with your academic advisor. They will help you plan to ensure you stay on track to graduate and complete all the requirements for your major.

Step 4: Research Financial Opportunities

See the Study Abroad Financial Aid FAQ  page for more information. Please note that financial aid information must be submitted three months in advance of your departure.

Don’t forget to check the homepage of the specific program you are interested in; sometimes they will offer scholarship opportunities as well!

Step 5: Apply for Your Adventure

Fill Out Your Application

Once you have picked a few programs that you like you can start filling out your EWU Study Abroad Application.

Include references and a short essay responding to each of the following questions: (1) Why is Study Abroad important to you? (2) What previous travel experiences have you had? (3) How will you prepare yourself for the differences in culture, academics, etc. that you will face living in another country?

Download the Application

Pay the $50 Processing Fee

The study abroad program requires a $50 nonrefundable processing fee. Pay the fee and keep a copy of the receipt for your paperwork submission.

Note: each study abroad program will have its application documents for you to complete. Please make sure to pay any required application fees or deposit.

Pay the Fee