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Graduation Process

Congratulations on preparing to graduate. All Graduate students are required to complete the following two steps to graduate:

1) Submit an Intent to Graduate Form *Please Note: If you are graduating with more than one master's degree or a certificate, a separate Intent to Graduate form must be submitted for each.

2) Pay their Graduation Fee before a degree or certificate can be awarded. *Please Note: If you are graduating with more than one master's degree or a certificate, a separate graduation fee must be paid for each.

 Intent to Graduate Form:

All graduate students are required to complete the Intent to Graduate form to begin the formal final review of your file. The final review of your file will include a review of candidacy requirements, GPA, and verification of enrollment in 2 credits.  Final oral defense scheduling will not be permitted until the form has been submitted. 

Deadline: Form must be submitted by the initial deadline for your name to appear in the Commencement Bulletin. If you miss these deadlines your name will not appear in the Commencement Bulletin. There will be a $15.00 late fee for all Intent to Graduate Forms that are submitted during the term you plan to graduate.

                    February 1 - Spring and Summer Quarter, Summer Semester

                     June 1 - Fall Quarter, Fall Semester

                    November 1 - Winter Quarter, Spring Semester

Paying Graduation Application Fee

You must pay your graduation application fee on  EagleNET.
Log onto EagleNET, click the "Student" tab, go to "Student Records", then click the "Apply to Graduate" link. The online form will ask you for your name as you would like it to appear on your diploma, along with the mailing address for your diploma before you can submit your payment.

 Graduation Application Fee: $48.10. This fee must be paid BEFORE your degree can be awarded. 

Payment is due at the begining of the term you wish to graduate.

 For information about the graduation ceremony itself, please visit the commencement page.

 This applies only to graduate students. Undergraduate students should adhere to the requirements stipulated by Records and Registration

  *If program completion is delayed until the next term, the student must wait to take their final comprehensive examination in their final term. Students who have passed their final comprehensive examination but still have not satisfied outstanding degree requirements two weeks after the end of the term will be moved to the next term for graduation.

Any students with outstanding degree requirements not completed by the end of the term after the term in which they passed the comprehensive exam will be assessed a late completion fee equivalent to tuition for half of a resident graduate credit.  

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