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About Online Accelerated Students

As an online accelerated student, you are in faster-paced session periods, and different registration and billing deadlines apply to you. Due to the fast-paced nature of your courses, this webpage is intended to help get you quickly set up with the unique information that applies to you.

Online accelerated courses are not self-paced courses. They are synchronous to the session periods of the academic year. If you are a new online accelerated student, please self-enroll in the Online Accelerated Graduate Student Orientation course in canvas to find all the policy and procedural steps you’ll need to know during your quick academic journey!

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To ensure that students, university support units, staff and faculty are fully prepared to start strong in the online accelerated program term, requests to move start terms backwards filed after the application deadline date at 9pm PDT/12am EST cannot be processed. (Example: if you apply to start in summer, you cannot move backwards to start in spring.) If the term you intend to start in is not listed in your application drop down selections, you have missed the deadline time for that start date. Please do not select the next term in the hope that The Graduate Programs Office can move your start term backwards to accommodate a late application after the deadline – we are unable to process these requests.

Resources Unique To Online Accelerated Students

Online Accelerated students are in a special category of classes that operate at a faster pace than the other programs offered at Eastern Washington University. We've put together important topics that can assist you in your academic journey.

Financial Aid

Learn more about how Financial Aid works differently for Online Accelerated Students. Understand what types of Aid you are eligible for and how to apply for and accept aid.

Learn About Financial Aid

Registration & Withdrawals

Learn more about how registration deadlines are different for Online Accelerated Students and how courses for online accelerated students have special section numbers.

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Program Specifics

There are two types of programs open to online accelerated students: Graduate Degrees and Graduate Certificates. We’ve put together links for each and information on resources and advisors.

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The Pattern of an Online Accelerated Academic Year

It’s important to understand each quarter contains two 6-week sessions except for summer which only contains one 6-week session. This is different from the in-person academic year.

QuarterSession (Session Number)Weeks
Fall QuarterSession One (A01-A49)Week 1-6
Session Two (A50-A79)Week 7-12
Winter QuarterSession One (A01-A49)Week 1-6
Session Two (A50-A79)Week 7-12
Spring QuarterSession One (A01-A49)Week 1-6
Session Two (A50-A79)Week 7-12
Summer QuarterOne Session Only (A01-A49)Weeks 1-6


Online Accelerated Calendar: Upcoming Deadlines

Graduate Transfer Credit Eligibility

Current EWU graduate students hoping to bring in transfer credit from another institution must fill out the Graduate Transfer Credit Eligibility form.

Considerations before you fill this form out:
-An official transcript from the institution you earned the credit from must be on file for you. If there is not an official transcript from the institution you originally earned the credit from your credits will not be eligible for transfer until an official transcript has been submitted.
-Are the credits you want to transfer from before or after you were awarded your last degree? If the credits are from before and counted towards your last degree, they cannot be transferred.
-Are the credits you want to transfer 6 years older?

If the credits are 6 years or older, you must fill out an Appeals Packet. For more information about filing an Appeal, see the Right of Appeals section of our Policies page.
-Are you transferring in more than 12 quarter credits or 9 semester credits?

If you are transferring in more than the allowed credits, you must fill out an Appeals Packet for all potential transfer credits. For more information about filing an Appeal, see the Right of Appeals section of our Policies page.
-Do you have enough credits to cover a course?

If the course you are transferring in does not have enough credits to cover the EWU equivalent course, you will have to work with your program to cover those missing credits. A course being approved for transfer does not mean the course requirement has been met.
-Do you have the Catalog Course Description and Syllabus?

If you do not have both of these you will need to work directly with your program to determine the eligibility of your transfer credits.