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If you have advising questions, including which courses you should be taking, the sequence of courses for your degree, or any other program specific questions please contact the advisor for your program. Each graduate program at EWU has a dedicated advisor.

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How to Register or Withdraw

As an online accelerated student, you’re in a special category of classes that operate at a faster pace than the other programs offered at EWU. Learn more about how to add and drop classes, submit a withdrawal, and more. Please note that no one student can be enrolled in more than one online accelerated program at a time.

Who cannot Register for an Online Accelerated Course

Tuition waivers for EWU employees and state employees cannot be applied to online accelerated courses. Non-matriculated, or non-degree seeking students cannot register for online accelerated courses.

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Phone Hours: Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. & 1:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

When you email Records & Registration, a ticket will be generated that allows you to follow the progress of your inquiry. If you believe you need an appointment with someone, please request one in your email.

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Registration Information

Courses for online accelerated students have special section numbers. When you register for classes pay attention to the section number to identify in which session your course will appear.

Sections numbered A01 through A49 = Session One Course
Sections numbered A50 through A79 = Session Two Course

Session: a period of time referring to part of a term.

Quarter: there are two sessions per quarter, except in summer when there is only one session.

QuarterSession (Session Number)Weeks
Fall QuarterSession One (A01-A49)Week 1-6
Session Two (A50-A79)Week 7-12
Winter QuarterSession One (A01-A49)Week 1-6
Session Two (A50-A79)Week 7-12
Spring QuarterSession One (A01-A49)Week 1-6
Session Two (A50-A79)Week 7-12
Summer QuarterOne Session Only (A01-A49)Weeks 1-6

Max Credits

The recommendation is to take no more than 2 courses for each session. If you are registering for over 18 credits for the full term (between both sessions), then you may receive a “Max Credit Exceeded” error page. If you do, please contact us so that we can help you:

Email Records & Registration

Registration Errors

If you receive a registration error there may be a hold on your account or a restriction on the course that is not allowing you to register. Please take note of what the error states and refer to the Errors and Holds page to learn who can assist you in getting it resolved.

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Complete Withdrawal/Dropping Individual Courses

The withdrawal deadline for a 100% refund is listed on our academic calendar. Search for the appropriate Term and Session. 

If you submit a withdrawal after this date, you will receive a W on your transcript and no refund will be given. Please refer to our Academic Calendar often to stay current on important dates and deadlines. 

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How to Withdrawal

If you are enrolled in classes but want to completely cancel your enrollment, please withdraw from your program by completing the following steps.

Cancellation of Enrollment

Exceptional Circumstance Withdrawal

In the case that an exceptional circumstance (out of your control) prevents you from completing the term in which you are enrolled, you can use this process to withdraw after the deadline or request a refund after the deadline.

Qualifying Circumstances

Online Accelerated Academic Calendar

Steps to Withdrawal

1. Fill out the Complete Withdrawal Form

Note: the complete withdrawal covers the session for which you are currently enrolled. For example, if a student completes a Complete Withdrawal form for session 2, their session 1 grades will remain graded and on their record. 

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2. Confirm with the Graduate Programs Office

It’s important to confirm that your withdrawal went through. Email and let us know from what program you are withdrawing. 

Email Grad Studies

Exceptional Circumstance Withdrawal

Supporting documentation should be submitted to the Records and Registration office. Supporting documentation is typically a statement from a physician stating circumstances that prevented completion of the term or course. DO NOT SEND MEDICAL RECORDS.

Family members are not usually considered third parties.  If you have difficulty in identifying the type of documentation needed, please contact the Office of Records and Registration for assistance.  Please see the list below for documents that DO NOT support withdrawals:

  1. Billing statements (from physician or hospital)
  2. Prescriptions
  3. Photos of injury, medical condition, etc.
  4. Medical records
  5. Facebook postings

If grades have been assigned for the term, faculty will be contacted for permission to change the grades to a W.  It is the instructor’s decision to allow a grade change to a W.

Students who have received orders to report for active duty for 30 days or more, are eligible to drop classes and are entitled to a reversal/refund of paid tuition and course fees. A copy of the military orders is required.

Students who experience a death in their immediate family must submit third-party (e.g. copy of death certificate, newspaper, funeral home, medical provider, etc.) documentation which must show that the exceptional circumstances occurred immediately prior to or during the requested term and supports the need to withdraw.

Students who enroll but do not attend will receive a grade of 0.0 and be held financially responsible. Faculty have the right to withdraw a student for non-attendance, but once a grade is assigned it is at the request of the primary faculty on the course.

Academic difficulty, disagreement on instruction, change in major, etc. are not considered exceptional circumstances. Requests may not be considered without supporting documentation.

Contact Records and Registration for assistance.

The Exceptional Circumstances Request process is set in place in order to assist students who have had significant changes in their circumstances that prevent them from continuing their attendance for a particular term and/or to consider reducing the financial hardship experienced by these students. These circumstances generally revolve around students’ (or their families’) medical conditions, death in the family, and military deployment.

If your circumstance fits these criteria and it is past the refund date, fill out the “Exceptional Circumstance Withdrawal” form. This form will be sent to a committee for review where a determination will be made. You must have documentation regarding your exceptional circumstance in order for your request to be reviewed.

Exceptional Circumstance Withdrawal Form