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Now that you’ve been admitted to Eastern, now what? Complete these nine steps to finish your admissions process.

Newly Admitted Steps

Running Start Advisors

We have assigned your school to one of our advisors. Make an appointment with them through Navigate Student.

Megan DiFilippo

Advisor/Recruiter, Math/English Placement Coordinator
Photo of Megan DiFilippo

Adam Pallas

Advisor/Recruiter, Book Loan Program Coordinator
Photo of Adam Pallas

Common Terms

  • EVF: Enrollment Verification Form
  • FERPA: Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974
  • BACR: Breadth Area Core Requirements
  • CRN: Course Registration Number
  • Undergraduate: a student at a college or university who has not yet earned a bachelor’s degree
  • SOAR: Student Online Academic Review
  • Asynchronous Course: a class offered online that is not happening at a specific time during the day
  • Synchronous Course: a class offered at a specific time during the day


No. You must meet with a Running Start advisor prior to plan out your courses for the upcoming quarter.

No. You must meet with a Running Start advisor. Following this meeting, you will then receive your EVF via email.

No. You are only pre-popped in your first quarter at Running Start. After your first quarter, your courses will be determined in your advising appointment with your Running Start advisor.

You can either book an appointment online using Navigate Student or by calling our front desk at 509.359.6155.

It depends on when in the quarter you would like to do so.

  • Prior To or During Registration: You can email your Running Start advisor and ask to change a course you had planned to take. Please state the reason for the change and what course you would rather take. An advisor will look over the replacement course and help you with the next steps.
  • After Registration: You can always drop a course prior to the final drop date without any issue. Once you have dropped the unwanted course, you can then register for the course you have chosen to replace it.
  • One Week Into the Quarter: You will need to submit a withdrawal form to our office. Once the form is approved (typically takes 3–5 days), withdraw yourself from the unwanted course. Then you can register for the replacement course.

You will need to submit a withdrawal form to our office. Once the form is approved (typically takes 3–5 days), withdraw yourself from the unwanted course. Your course will be taken down from your Canvas at that point. If you withdraw from a course after the drop date, you will receive a “W” grade on your transcript.

We will not accept appointment-making calls or emails from parents, as we believe it is the student’s responsibility to set these important appointments. We will make an exception to this if the student has a valid health concern or other serious matter where making a call would not be possible.

No. You must have an appointment with a Running Start Advisor over Zoom or in-person in our office on Cheney campus.

In the midst of the quarter, you will need to ask your teacher about your current course grade. At the end of a quarter, following finals week, you can find all your course grades on your EagleNet account. All Running Start students follow the same grading policies as general EWU students. For more information regarding EWU grading policies, please visit Grade Information (Students).

Note: Your Running Start Advisor is not informed of your current course grades and will not know your final grades until they are posted at the end of the quarter.

Yes. Being a part of Running Start means that you have the opportunity to take college courses earlier in your life than some of our general student population, but that doesn’t mean you are treated any differently by teachers or staff. EWU expects all its Running Start students to adhere and follow all rules and regulations set by the university.

Educational Resources

Career Center

We can help you write a cover letter and resume, find internship or job opportunities and sharpen your interviewing skills.

Career Advising

Counseling & Wellness Services

Receive short-term counseling that is focused on solutions and resources, with in-person or telehealth options available.

Receive Counseling

Mathematics Tutoring

Need extra help with math? We are here to help! We offer math tutoring in several places around campus.

Extra Help with Math

PLUS Tutoring

Our peer facilitators, tutors and coaches are here to help you succeed in your courses and academic goals.

Peer-to-Peer Assistance

Student Accommodations & Support Services

We coordinate accommodations so every student can receive an equal opportunity to learn and participate in campus life.

Here to Help

Writers' Center

We collaborate with writers at any stage of the writing process, from brainstorming to polishing final drafts.

Schedule an Appointment

Student Organizations

Multicultural Center

EWU is home to over 130 student organizations that provide members with opportunities to develop as leaders, network with campus and community resources and develop a support system while at EWU.

Identity-Based Clubs & Orgs

Pride Center

We support LGBTQIA+ students and the greater EWU community through advocacy and empowerment, providing community space, delivering programs and events and facilitating trainings and workshops.

Connect with Us


We provide engagement opportunities that promote a transformational journey of self-discovery through student organizations and clubs, with the exception of EWU Athletics and Greek Life.

Get Involved

Graduating Seniors: Continuing at EWU

To stay at EWU after Running Start, you’ll need to have the following on your transcript:

  • 4+ years of English
  • 3 years of math (including Algebra I, Algebra II and Geometry)
  • 3 years of social science
  • 2 years of foreign language
  • 2 years of lab science
  • 1 year of fine arts

Remember that one quarter at EWU is equal to one year at high school.

We recommend applying between winter and spring quarter of your senior high school year. You must apply as a general student but do not have to pay the application fee.

Tips for Continuing Seniors

Financial Aid & Scholarships

The Center of Academic Advising and Retention (CAAR) is where you’ll meet with an advisor who is specialized in advising students for a specific major or degree focus. For example, if you want to major in computer science, you’ll speak with a CAAR advisor who specializes in working with computer science students and their degree paths.

If you have accrued 90 credits through Running Start (or are at a junior class standing), you can declare a major. A major is your continued area of focused study for the remainder of your bachelor’s degree.

  • If you are not sure whether or not you are able to declare, speak with your CAAR advisor.
  • If you are not sure which degree you want to declare, visit the Career Center.

Follow these steps to continue on at EWU for the remainder of your four-year degree or college experience.

Graduating Seniors: Not Continuing at EWU

  1. Log into EagleNet using your SSO.
  2. Choose “Student.”
  3. Choose the “Student Records” dropdown.
  4. Choose “Order Official Transcript.”

Speak with the other college or university, prior to the end of your senior year in high school, to confirm your desire to transfer.

Apply to the other college or university.

If you decide to continue your education at a different college or university, you will need to do a few things to prepare yourself for the transition.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you fail a course at EWU, you can take the course again for a better grade. The most recent grade earned in the course will be given consideration on your transcript. The first instance of the course will appear on your transcript, but it will not be calculated into your final GPA.

If you want to drop a course and have no marks on your transcript, you’ll need to make sure you are doing that before the drop date. If you withdraw from a course after the drop date, you will receive a “W” grade on your transcript. While a “W” is not a negative mark, it is not in your best interest to have multiple “W” grades on a transcript.

If you have charges owed on your account, they could be from one of a few places:

  • Course/Lab Fees: These can range between $15-$60 depending on the course they are connected to.
  • Late Fees: If you do not pay the costs charged to your account after a certain amount of time, you’ll start to accrue late fees as well.
  •  All-Inclusive Textbook Charge: Some course textbooks have all-inclusive formats that are automatically charged to your account and downloaded unless you opt-out of the service. These charges can range widely in price, but are usually in the $100-$400 range.

An EagleCard is the EWU Student ID Card and it can be ordered through EagleCard Services in 120 Tawanka Hall.

There are a few different ways you can address a failing grade in a course:

  • Have a conversation with your teacher. Explain why you are having a hard time in the course and politely ask if there is any way you could get a better, passing grade or what you need to be focusing on more to be able to understand the coursework. Ask if they know of any good tutors for the subject.
  • Ask for an incomplete “XC” grade. An incomplete grade is like pushing the pause button on your failing class. If you are failing because of late work, this option is a good one to consider since it gives you a select amount of time to finish the late work and turn it in for a final grade.
  • If you feel like you are going to certainly fail a class, even after speaking to your teacher and getting some extra help, you can choose to withdraw from the class. You will need to submit a withdrawal form to our office. Once the form is approved (typically takes 3–5 days), withdraw yourself from the unwanted course. Your course will be taken down from your Canvas at that point. If you withdraw from a course, you will receive a “W” grade on your transcript. The “W” grade does not negatively affect your GPA but it does mean that you will have to retake the course if it is a required credit you need for high school.

  • Running Start Advisor: The Running Start advisor assigned to your school will help you with any registration issues, high school and college credits questions, general EWU campus questions, math and English placement surveys, adding and dropping classes, helping you get educational aid and book loan questions.
  • Running Start Front Desk: Reach out to our front desk at to turn in your EVF or general questions about Running Start, registration, application issues, technology or campus.
  • IT Help Desk: Please contact the IT Help Desk if your SSO information is lost or forgotten, EagleNet is down or if you’re having Canvas issues.
  • High School Counselor: Your high school counselor can help you with high school credit information, issues with high school classes, EVF discussion, approved credit amounts and graduation issues.