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We’re hard workers. We accept challenges. We’re determined to succeed. Plus, we like to have fun! That’s what makes us Eastern Eagles.

We are now accepting applications for Spring and Fall 2024! You must complete the application by the term deadline in order to be considered for acceptance.

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Winter 2024

Spring 2024

Fall 2024
Dec 1, 2023

March 1, 2024

September 3, 2024

Apply for Running Start

Benefits of Running Start

Rich Learning Environment

Take a wide variety of fast-paced, challenging and rewarding courses that are not typically available in high school. EWU offers in-person and online courses, with no standardized exams to earn credit.

Access to Resources

You'll have access to campus resources such as free tutors through PLUS, writing help at the Writers' Center and mental health support through Counseling and Wellbeing Services. You'll also have a free STA bus pass!

Diverse Community

Be apart of our diverse community on campus through student organizations (excluding fraternity and sorority life), intramurals, Pride Center, Multicultural Center, University Recreation Center and more!

Being a College Student

Yes. Running Start students may choose to either enroll full-time at EWU (up to *21 credits per quarter) or part-time (less than 12 credits per quarter), with the rest of the classes taken at your high school.

No. You cannot be denied participation if you meet the eligibility requirements.

As a Running Start student, you will be a college student. While there are many people here at EWU to support you, college is more fast-paced and challenging since we pack a year-long high school class into 10 weeks.

  • Take initiative to complete assignments, seek additional support from professors, communicate goals and challenges with advisors, utilize campus resources and inform parents/guardians and counselors of your progress in Running Start.
  • How are you getting to-and-from campus? Most in-person courses are in Cheney, while some are in Spokane. There are limited online courses available.

Running Start Expenses

Running Start will not cover your tuition if you enroll in:

  • More credits than allowed per quarter. Typically, this is anything over *21 credits but depends on how many classes you’re taking at your high school.
  • Courses that are not college-level such as Math Development (MTHD).
  • Courses not state-funded such as Section 075 of English 101.
  • Summer quarter.

You’ll need to also buy textbooks and pay course/lab fees, unless you qualify for the Book Loan Program. EWU estimates that these costs can be up to $1,000 for the full academic year for full enrolled undergraduate students (usually costs less for Running Start students).

If you apply to EWU after Running Start, you’ll need to cover the confirmation fee to enroll (we cover the application fee). And if you lose your EagleCard, you’ll need to pay a replacement fee.

If you qualify for free or reduced lunch, you can apply for the Book Loan Program. This program lets you:

  • Borrow specific course textbooks for popular intro courses, rather than buy them
  • Waive course/lab fees

You can apply for the Book Loan Program when you apply to Running Start, or contact your Running Start advisor if you are a current Running Start student.

The number of credits you can take each quarter is determined by how many classes you are taking at the high school. You’ll work with your assigned Running Start advisor and high school counselor each quarter to avoid registering for too many credits.

Some of your expenses are covered! Along with free tuition for college-level courses, typically up to *21 credits per quarter, you will not pay any of these fees:

  • University technology, transportation, University Recreation Center and PUB remodel fees
  • English Placement Survey fees
  • Math Placement Survey fees (and up to two math placement exams)
  • Your application fee to EWU after Running Start

Courses & Grades

Each school district determines equivalencies for their students.

Yes. You must meet your school district’s qualifications for a high school diploma.

You have lots of options! You can take electives or courses to explore majors and careers, so long as your high school requirements are met by your graduation date.

Generally, yes. Credits earned through Running Start are EWU credits and generally can be transferred to other institutions in Washington or elsewhere. If you are thinking of going to a different college or university other than EWU after you graduate from Running Start, tell your advisor so we can prepare for your future together!

As a Running Start student, you’ll work with your assigned advisor to make sure you’re meeting your high school graduation requirements with the EWU courses you choose to take. The grades you earn in Running Start are recorded on both your high school and permanent college transcript, even if you go to a different college or university.