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Writing Guides for Grammar & Usage

Marketing & Communications (MarCom) oversees grammatical standards for all materials, print and online, that emanate from Eastern Washington University to its various audiences. While there may be more than one “right” way to write a sentence, it is important to conform to one style to establish desired consistency.

Editorial Style Guide (PDF) Writing for the Web

Logo & Identity Standards

The logo standards guide is your resource for the everyday usage of the official EWU logos,  colors, and other considerations.

Logo Standards Guide (PDF) “The New Think” Identity


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Official Logos

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Please contact MarCom at 509.359.6336 or via email to get a copy of your departmental logo or discuss other branding opportunities.

Before using these logos, please contact MarCom at 509.359.6336 or via email if:

  • you are a vendor of the university (requires permission).
  • you do not feel these logo versions are appropriate for a specific use.

This page can be quickly referenced at www.ewu.edu/logo.

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The New Think

Eastern Washington University is evolving and thinking differently about education. More innovative programs and new resources are being added to help students stay ahead in today’s changing workforce economy. In advancing their educational experience, EWU is also reshaping the Inland Northwest.

It’s time for a new academic identity at EWU—one that aligns with EWU’s evolution. Welcome to The New Think. Learn More

“The New Think” Brand Standards (13MB PDF)
Version 1.3 – rev. August 2022 

EWU PowerPoint Templates

Please contact us via email if you need assistance with templates.

Email Signature

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