Be Safe with EWU EagleSafe

November 7, 2023 By David Meany

Students, faculty and staff! If you have not done so already, the university strongly encourages you to download the EWU EagleSafe mobile app for your iPhone or Android device today. Just search for EWU EagleSafe in the App Store or Google Play Store

We also urge you to log into your EagleSafe account at https://www.getrave.com/login/ewu to add your mobile number, personal email address, or the contact information for your family members to to receive additional notifications. This information is only used for emergency notifications.

Why should I add my personal information? During an emergency situation, EWU Alerts is the quickest way for you to find out information and to take action.

What is it? EWU Alerts will notify you via text messaging, e-mail and other methods in case of an emergency or safety situation.

We’ve also prepared some frequently asked questions and knowledge base articles about the EWU Alerts service below:

How do I ensure that I receive EWU Alerts?

How do I add a mobile number to my EWU Alert Account? (faculty, staff, or student)

How do I add another email to my EWU Alert account? (faculty, staff, or student)

How do I add a voice line to my EWU Alert account? (faculty, staff, or student)

*Terms of Service: Important information about EWU Alerts. The “EWU Alerts” service is provided by Eastern Washington University to EWU faculty, staff, students and other campus community members as a method of communicating timely announcements via cell phone text messaging, e-mail, and other electronic communication channels. There is no cost or subscription fee for users of this service. However, standard text messaging fees and data rates may apply depending on your cell phone service provider. EWU is not responsible for any costs incurred by users whom subscribe to this service. Eastern is committed to using this service for only those announcements which it deems crucial for instant notification to the campus community. Please check with your cell phone service provider regarding possible rates and fees. Review EWU’s privacy policy for additional information regarding the personal contact information you supply when signing up for this service.