Crisis Response at EWU

February 16, 2023

Our hearts are heavy that another mass shooting has taken student lives on an American college campus. EWU knows that preparing for the potential of such a scenario here at Eastern is not easy, but it is necessary.

In light of the tragic events that unfolded at Michigan State University on Feb. 13, we would like to remind students, faculty and staff of the resources the university has in place to address such incidents. 

As you know, EWU has its own police department, which is a vital resource for our campus and the community. As part of its annual training, EWU Police conduct an active shooter exercise each summer inside one of our buildings. Please read this story on the crisis response training that occurred last August inside Morrison Hall. A similar training exercise will be conducted again this summer, and the campus community will be notified when this takes place. 

Additionally, as part of this quarterly campus training, EWU Police Chief Jay Day will be discussing active attacker response, how to spot troubling behavior, as well as reviewing best practices on how to respond during an active attack.

Training will take place from 2-3:30 p.m., Wednesday, Feb. 22, at the digital archives building, Room 213E, by the Red Barn.

There will also be training from noon-1:30 p.m., Thursday, March 2, at the Catalyst (Innovation Hub Room) in Spokane. The  Catalyst session will also be available via Zoom.

You can sign up by emailing Jennifer Miller at  jmiller6@ewu.edu.

You can also view the university’s most updated campus emergency response plan, which is easily accessible off of the EWU Police website.

Finally, Eastern knows incidents like the one at MSU stir up a range of emotions and concerns for everyone on campus.