EWU 2017-19 State Operating Budget Legislative Priorities

January 4, 2017
Photo: Two students laughing with phones

With the 2017 legislative session just days away, EWU has approved our 2017 operating budget priorities.

  • Washington Competes – EWU joins Washington’s other public universities and colleges in strongly supporting “Washington Competes,” a proposal to maintain the state’s competitive edge by bolstering degree production, student success, and academic quality.
  • Degrees to Meet Demand: Address State Needs Through Targeted Investments
    • Grow STEM Capacity: $7.0 million
      Over eight years, STEM enrollments at EWU have grown by 33 percent with no commensurate increase in faculty. The faculty and graduate student funding in this request will reduce the backlog in core math and science courses while enabling the university to keep pace with enrollment growth.
    • New Degree in Computing Engineering: $2.1 million
      Computer Engineering (CpE) sits at the intersection of computer science and electrical engineering. Approval of this package will allow EWU to build on existing successful engineering and computer science programs to offer a degree in one of our region’s most in-demand academic areas.
    • Address the Teacher Shortage: $7.5 million
      With this package, EWU will increase the number of graduating teacher candidates to 300 per year and the number of endorsements to 425 per year in the next five years. EWU will prioritize high-need areas, including rural educators, STEM, English Language Learning, and Special Education programs.
  • Student Success: Ensure that Students Have the Resources to Succeed
    • The Graduation Project: $2.6 million
      The Graduation Project focuses on meeting state goals by increasing the number of university graduates while decreasing the time and state resources needed for students to earn a degree.
  • High Impact Credential: Invest in an Experience that Equips Students with the Knowledge and Skills Necessary for Today’s Workforce
    • Retention and Compensation for Faculty and Staff: $13.5 million
      Additional investment for merit-based retention and compensation increases of 4 percent in both years of the biennium will enable EWU to recruit and retain highly qualified, efficient, and effective employees to meet students’ needs.