EWU at Bellevue College Celebrates Accomplishments

June 14, 2024
Photo of students and family members celebrating commencement.

Congratulations to the class of 2024!

We’d like to share a few photos from the EWU at Bellevue College commencement, held June 18, along with some highlights from the recent psychology conference.

 Photo of graduate along with family at commencement. Photo of faculty attending commencement. Photo of student receiving diploma. Photo of graduate waving.

Leading into commencement, the EWU School of Psychology at Bellevue College hosted a Student Psychology Research Conference.

Here are projects submitted by EWU students and faculty:

The Relationship Between Paranoid Psychotic Symptomology and Psychopathology and Hostility Ratings | Ivy Stermer-Jones | Kayleen Islam-Zwart, PhD

Impacts of Nostalgia Intervention on Wellbeing Over Time: A Proposed Study | Josh Burdick | Julie Swets, PhD

Relationship Between Resilience and Chronic Health Conditions in Undergraduate Students | Fiona Kraus | Kevin Criswell, PhD

Alcohol and the Resulting Consequences of Delirium Tremens | Nicasio Santos | Kayleen Islam-Zwart, PhD

Revolutionizing Stem Education: Comparing the Effectiveness of VR/AI Learning Traditional Teaching Methods – a Research Prospectus | Kenneth Moore, Bassili Latiya-Wilson | Jillene Seiver, PhD

Depression and Anxiety Symptom Severity in Students with Physical or Mental Chronic Health Conditions During 2020-21 Academic Year: A Longitudinal Study | Zlata Krisyuk, Tristen Navel, Kaity Paz, Megan Pickett | Kevin Criswell, PhD

Does Memory Trust Predict Confidence in Memory Performance? | Jenna Thomason, Rachel Thayer | Danielle Stizman, PhD

Establishing A Direct Connection Between Psychology and Longevity: Bio-Markers of Maximum Life Span as the Missing Link | Daniel Elsheimer | Nick Jackson, PhD

Inferring Sexual Interest from Behavioral Cues as a Function of 2D:4D Ratio and Sex |Evan DeLeon | Jillene Seiver, PhD

Post Covid-19 Affects on Rural Middle School Students Academically and Socially | Amy Bremner | Sue Magyar, PhD

Student Psychology Research Conference graphic with student photos.