Learn About the Aspire Mentoring Program

An awesome opportunity for Eagles to get involved in the Spokane community!

February 2, 2024

Aspire near-peer mentoring is a budding mentoring program based out of Eastern Washington University. Aspire partners EWU undergraduates with underrepresented and underserved high school students in Spokane County. They work to assist students in developing clear objectives to reach after high school, and prepare for success. Undergraduate mentors share their personal experiences, guidance, support, and encouragement to high schoolers. Postsecondary pathways include trade schools, apprenticeships, college, the military and more. The goal of Aspire is to better equip students for life after high school, no matter what that looks like.

Near-peer mentoring relationships consist of a mentee and the mentor. Eastern pairs this with a group mentoring format, with 2-3 mentors for approximately every 15 students. The near-peer mentoring relationship has a small, important age gap, usually consisting of between 3 and 5 years. The mentor has important life experience that will help them to guide the mentee through the important transitional time in their life. Aspire serves juniors and seniors in high school, and our undergraduate mentors are able to provide valuable insight into the transition from high school and beyond. 

Since October, Aspire has supported around 300 high school students in seven high schools and 15 classes. Topics have encompassed time management, career exploration, conflict resolution strategies, and resume and career preparation. Eastern and Aspire are very excited to continue to see the impact that near-peer mentors can make on the community!

EWU Aspire Website